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St. Nicholas Longparish is part of a united benefice of 4 parishes, the others being St. Andrews Hurstbourne Priors, St. Peter St. Mary Bourne, and St. James Woodcott.

Canon Martin Coppen retired on 7th January 2013 after 24 years of faithful service as Rector of Longparish. Canon Michael St John Channell was appointed vicar as successor to Canon Martin, but sadly and unexpectedly died in February 2014. We are in the process of seeking a new incumbent for the benefice.

The Revd. Terry Hemming is part-time non-stipendiary, house-for-duty assistant priest, living in St. Nicholas House, Longparish.

The Revd. Dodie Marsden is part-time non-stipendiary assistant priest, working 2 days a week plus Sundays, from her home in St. Mary Bourne.

The Revd. Richard Sutcliffe works full-time in the City, but is available to take services and help out in the Benefice at weekends. He also lives in St. Mary Bourne.

Benefice Administrator Vacant  
Assistant Benefice Priest (resident in Longparish) The Revd Terry Hemming
St Nicholas House,
SP11 6PG

01264 720215

email: revhemm@yahoo.co.uk

Assistant Benefice Priest (resident in St Mary Bourne) The Revd. Dodie Marsden

01264 738211

email: dodie.marsden@gmail.com

Assistant Benefice Priest (resident in St Mary Bourne) The Revd. Richard Sutcliffe

01264 738288

email: rev.sutcliffe@btinternet.com

Patron John Woodcock  
Churchwardens John Young
Elm Lodge,
01264 720233
Jonathan Evans
Orchard House,
01264 720702
Hon. Treasurer Alice Evans 01264 720702
Hon. Secretary Jane Young
Elm Lodge,
01264 720233
Covenant Secretary Jonathan Evans 01264 720702
Organist Vacant  
Church Flowers Eila Chamberlen 01264 720691

Other Parochial Church Council members

Patrick Beresford Eila Chamberlen
John Collins Karen-Marie Dinesen
Barbara Duxbury Graeme Francis
Joanna Roebuck Jennifer Sanders
Pippa Sawyer Jessica Ward


In a scheme run jointly by the Church and the Parish Council, volunteers welcome newcomers to the village.

Co-ordinator Jane Young 01264 720233

St Nicholas Fair

A Christmas Fair is held close to December 6th

Contact Jane Young 01264 720233

Parking for weddings etc.

The Church field is usually available (weather and farming permitting) for weddings etc.

Please apply to Middleton Estate Office 01264 720615

Parochial Church Council

The responsibilities of the PCC are described in the handbook.

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