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President Richard Wills
Chairman John Young (Tel. 720233)
Vice-chairman Martin Bearpark
Secretary Mrs Tina Tognarelli
Treasurer Ray Smith

About the club

Longparish Cricket Club has a reputation as one of the most illustrious village cricket clubs in the country. It was founded in 1878, and the rules of the club date from 1884. It has a lovely ground in the middle of the village, generously provided by the Wills family, and beautifully maintained. In 1993 the pavilion was rebuilt in the same style as the old one, but with much improved facilities. There was once a second ground in the park behind Middleton House.

Notable players in the early days included F.R.Wilkinson, who was killed in the Great War, and Cobden Snow, whose sons, Dick and Allen, have played a prominent part in the affairs of the club, both on and off the field. Over the years, a host of famous Test cricketers came to play for John Woodcock's XI against the village, and the club achieved national fame in 1987 by winning the National Village Championship, beating Treeton Welfare, the Yorkshire Champions, in the final, played at Lords. Seven years earlier they had lost in the final to Marchwiel from North Wales. Dennis Luff, their champion batsman and a great village cricketer, scored an astonishing 55 centuries for Longparish. With the departure to other clubs of some of their best players, Longparish's fortunes have recently declined, but every effort is being made to recruit and encourage young players, several of whom show promise. There are new nets which, it is hoped, will provide a further incentive to join.

The club welcomes new members, both playing and non-players, male and female, and spectators. It runs a 100 Club to raise funds. Contact any of the officials to find out more or you can visit the club's website.

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