Longparish Community Association

Officers of the Community Association and their Duties

The attached information is courtesy of and Copyright Community Matters (The National Federation of Community Associations.

At this stage we do not envisage the Longparish Community Association requiring all the potential officers. We hope to identify a Treasurer and a Secretary with some urgency. The elected Committee will choose a Chair. Other Officers will be elected as needed and as appropriate people volunteer

Who's who?

LCA Management Committee and Trustees

Fiona Gould Chair 720709
David Wright Treasurer 720598
Christine Beresford Membership Secretary  
Other members
Christian Dryden Andy Jolliffe Sandra Jones
David Marklew    

KidzZone Committee

David Harris

Recycled Teenagers Organisers

Maggie Barber
Corinne Bowman
Jean Chambers

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