Longparish Community Association

Membership Rules

  1. Longparish Community Association (LCA) is a charitable organisation that aims to promote the benefit of the people of Longparish without discrimination of any kind. It aims to work with the people and organisations in Longparish in a common effort to:
    1. Advance education
    2. Provide facilities for social welfare, leisure and recreation
    3. Improve the conditions of life for the people of Longparish
  2. Individual membership of the Association is open to everyone living in the parish of Longparish.
    1. Adult members have individual voting rights at the Community Association AGM
    2. Junior members do not have individual voting rights, but can elect a representative to vote on their behalf
  3. Associate membership is open to anyone from outside the village who wishes to support the Association. Associate members do not have individual voting rights at the AGM, but can elect someone to vote on their behalf
  4. Members and Associate members of Longparish Community Association benefit from discounts on admission prices at events organised by the Association. They are also entitled to reduced hire charges for the Community (and Village) halls.
  5. Members of Groups that are affiliated to Longparish Community Association are not individual members of the LCA unless they take out separate individual membership.
  6. Annual membership categories and fees are as follows:
    Adults aged over 18 years £1 Children under 18 years  1
    Associate adults  1 Associate children under 18 years  1
  7. The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December. People may join at any time during the year; the standard annual fee applies and membership will be due for renewal on the following 1st January.
    1. In the inaugural year of the Association, membership taken out between April 2006 and December 2007 will be due for renewal 1st January 2008.

  8. Membership application forms should be sent to the Membership Secretary with the membership fees or handed to the Community Association organiser at any LCA event. Donations can be made at the time of joining or at any other time by contacting the Membership Secretary or the Treasurer.
  9. Personal details of members are kept on a database that is used for administration only; they will not be given to anyone outside the Association.

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