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Information for Trustees

Community Matters (The National Federation of Community Organisations) have made available a number of information sheets that explain, inter alia, the roles and responsibilities of Community Association Trustees:

Number Title and Link Summary
22 Organising Activities within a Community Association This Information Sheet lists examples of many different groups and activities that can be organised or supported by a community association or similar multi-purpose community organisation.
30 Safeguarding Children and Young People This Information Sheet explains the Children Act 1989 and the Home Office Code of Practice, Safe from Harm, which supports and reinforces the Children Act, and offers guidance for situations where the Act itself does not apply.
60 The Secretary’s Work and Relations with the Main Committee This Information Sheet explains the role within the Committee of the Secretary and describes the Secretary’s main duties.
65 Officers of the Community Association and their Duties This Information Sheet names the different officers and other voluntary workers that a community association can have. It also outlines their tasks.
70 Community Association Trustees This Information Sheet explains the different roles and responsibilities of managing and holding trustees in an unincorporated association, and how it is possible to incorporate the managing trustees as a body.
73 The Treasurer’s Duties This Information Sheet explains the work of the treasurer in a community organisation, as regards financial control, budgeting and the keeping of section accounts.

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