Spring CleanLongparish Clean Up Morning
21 April 2012

Thanks very much to everyone who turned out to help.

The main job was at The Cleeves. Ably led by Graham Darrah and Paul Knipe, our band of volunteers cleared stream which runs by the road from the Long Bridge to Upper Mill. In recent months the water levels have been so low that it had all but disappeared and lots of vegetation such as grass and buttercups had grown on the bed. That was cleared and by the end of the morning there was clear water over much of its length. Well done everyone. It is always a pleasure to see the stream when walking on that stretch of road. Let's hope that the current wet spell will increase the flow and help keep it clear.

In the middle of the village Phil Harris also led stream cleaning. With a very satisfying rush of water, the level dropped and it stopped overflowing onto the road. Soil from the recent work at the playground was used to make good the bank but it really needs a proper job from the Highway Authority. We also cleared a fallen tree and various people cleared litter inclding a whole car wheel from the verge by Longparish House.

Thanks to all our volunteers and to Maggie for drinks and Clare for the scrummy banana cake. Also to TVBC for the litter pickers and bags.

Afterwards our tired volunteers enjoyed a well earned lunch of sandwiches and chips at The Cricketers.

Here are some pictures. If you'd like a full size copy of any of them please email Jeremy Barber


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