How to put up the Tipi

IMGP0058  Roll out as shown IMGP0059  Select 3 straight strong poles as the tripod IMGP0060  Place tripod as shown with lower poles 2” beyond canvas, and top pole 9” further IMGP0061  Tie very tight clove hitch level with base of green ‘tab’ – but poles do need the knot to yield a little
IMGP0062  Take tripod off canvas IMGP0063  Insert door pole between canvas and groundsheet – make sure the canvas is not inside out IMGP0064  Leave 2” exposed as shown IMGP0065  Tie green tab really tightly to pole
IMGP0066  Ditto - it must not slip down pole! IMGP0067  Ditto - it must not slip down pole! IMGP0068  Fold canvas over pole as shown and put aside IMGP0069  Prepare to raise tripod with rope and pushing on poles
IMGP0070  Keeping longest pole in front (the door pole) take first pole out to the right first – as on photo IMGP0071  And then second pole out to the left IMGP0072  Gradually move the left and right poles to make a perfect tripod. Important door pole rest on the cross made by the other two IMGP0073  Place the 4th pole to the right of door pole
IMGP0074  Measure distance from the inside base of the tripod poles – adjust to precisely 19’ IMGP0075  Adjust 4th pole to be same distance from ground sheet as front pole (‘front’ pole is the left door pole) IMGP0076  Place another 4 poles (5 in total) to the right of the door pole in the obvious gap – as in photo.  Look at photos – not important that base of poles are anywhere near their final position IMGP0077  Place 4 poles to the left of the door pole in the same gap
IMGP0078  Ditto – poles will be put into final position once canvas is spread and done-up IMGP0079  Place 2 poles at rear opposite the door in the obvious gap IMGP0080  Start walking around anti-clockwise with rope IMGP0081  Continue walking and flick rope up to form lashing around all poles
IMGP0082  Ditto IMGP0083  Continue for 4 loops around all poles – rope end just hangs at this stage IMGP0084  Ditto (from dismantling – rope is wound around one pole and end is pegged) IMGP0085  Raise pole with canvas
IMGP0086  Place in obvious gap opposite door IMGP0087  Ditto IMGP0088  Ditto IMGP0089  Roll canvas around poles, pulling down and towards the door – canvas quite loose
IMGP0090  Insert hazel stick through eyeholes to secure canvas above the door IMGP0091  Ditto IMGP0092  [Poles, other than tripod, are positioned, push out for taut canvas and pull down]  Peg down starting at the left side of the door IMGP0093  What’s this about?  Looks OK
IMGP0094  Keep pegging, going anti-clockwise IMGP0095  With all pegs in, now tighten the lashing by putting weight on rope as shown IMGP0096  Ditto IMGP0097  Insert the two long flue poles as shown
IMGP0098  Tie on curtain support rope 5’ along poles from the base of the pole IMGP0099  Ditto and note the knot used IMGP0100  Fold spare (for doorway) back on itself to secure IMGP0101  Fit door and door bars as shown
IMGP0102  The real thing!