Longparish Gardens Festival 2004


The first Longparish Gardens Festival has opened and your intrepid reporter spent a delightful afternoon snapping away in each of the gardens.

What you can see here are the unexpurgated photographs of each of the gardens. Most of the pictures here could do with a good dose of tender loving care and many ought to be deleted straight away. None of this is the fault of the subject matter: as the afternoon progressed, the Muse wandered off and inspected the many and varied flora all by herself; the weather turned dull and the camera went into a sulk (you'll see a number of 'retakes' to sort out exposure). A number of the pictures here were (are?) intended as part of panoramas, so don't really work by themselves - one day, I'll get around to stitching them together, so watch this space.

If I weren't running a race in just under 12 hours from now, and/or hadn't promised to get all these here tonight, it would all be less of a mess. Anyway, here goes: the gardens are behind the numbers...

Note to users of Symantec's Norton Internet Security. You might fail to see all of the thumbnails below if you have ad blocking enabled. That is because Symantec decided that all images a certain size must be adverts. Ho hum. See http://www.dmcphoto.com/Articles/NIS/ for a photographer's view about this (to add to mine). Unfortunately, all you can do is to turn ad blocking off. Or upgrade to something else.


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