Longparish Village Handbook
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Longparish Village Handbook

The Longparish Handbook was a project, supported by the Parish Council, researched and written by Mary Jo Darrah and illustrated by Mary Snow. The aim was to provide a booklet of information about the village and its history and a copy was distributed to every household in Longparish. Copies are generally available at the village shop.

The original version of the longparish.org.uk web site was based almost exclusively on the handbook, and the current site still draws much of its inspiration from it. Please note that since the booklet was published in April 1999 life in the village has moved on, and some of the contents are out of date.

The village handbook has now (September 2010) been updated. The version that remains here is thus even more out of date than before. The new handbook will be incorporated into the website in the fullness of time. In the meanwhile, this historic version will remain live.

We recommend that you read the main site for up to date information and the handbook for the history and background or to see Mary Snow's illustrations.

This section reproduces the original booklet, with the exception - for possible copyright reasons - of the maps and some of the layout. Please use the handbook menu on the left or the in-page navigation buttons to find your way around. There is also a version in a single page, which could be printed out, but note that it is 96kB so will take a little while to load.

(May 2008 update). Life moves on and internet speeds have increased over the last 8 or 9 years, and I find I'm not apologising for the size (9.5 MB) of the PDF version which is now available. The handbook is printed onto A5 and the PDF writer seems to have wanted to use A4, so the in-page navigation links from the table of contents are amusingly separate from the text. For which, I do apologise.

(October 2011 update). We now have a new version of the handbook, dated March 2011, which is available to download from here in PDF format. Again, the ‘historic’ version remains online to browse.

2011 PDF version (3.3MB) is here
1999 Multi-page version starts here
1999 Single-page version is here
1999 PDF version (9.5MB) is here

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