Longparish Village Handbook (1999 edition)
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Foreword by the Chairman of the Parish Council

The idea of collecting a lot of information useful to the village has been proposed for a long time. Recently Mary Jo Darrah has taken on this project with the aim of producing a booklet that would be of use to every household and also contain some details of the history of the village, and other points of interest. This then is not only for everyone who lives here, but it should also be a benefit to any visitor as well.

The first edition of the Village Handbook has now been produced, and I feel sure that it will prove useful. I would particularly like to thank Mary Jo whose energy made this production possible, and Mary Snow who drew the delightful illustrations. Mary Jo has consulted with a great many people, and has the full support of the Parish Council and myself.

Rupert Dawnay

Authors’ acknowledgements

This Handbook has been sponsored by the Parish Council, which is giving a copy to every household. The authors are grateful to all those, including the Parish Councillors, who read the various drafts, and who helped to improve it by pointing out errors and omissions. Suggestions from Jeremy Barber, Mrs Joan Driver and Richard Wills were especially valuable. The authors take full responsibility for any remaining mistakes or omissions, and would be very pleased to hear any suggestions for improvements.

It is hoped that the main booklet should not need correcting and updating too often. The Directory issued as a supplement is designed to be regularly updated. Please notify Mary Jo Darrah, Saddler’s Cottage, tel. 720320 of any changes for the next edition.

Mary Snow kindly agreed to illustrate the booklet, and we are very grateful to her.

The authors would like to thank Barry Cornhill of Trefoil Printers and Stationers for the special care he has taken with the production of this booklet, especially the illustrations and the maps.

Mary Jo Darrah, Paul Knipe, John Woodcock.

March 1999

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