Longparish Village Handbook (1999 edition)
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Listed Buildings

(as listed in Hampshire Treasures)

There is also a list on the Test Valley website.


Forton House. Early C19. II
Inglenook Cottage. II
Kingfisher Cottage. C17. II
Test View Cottage, originally two. Early C18. II
Rose Cottage, originally two. Mid C18. II
Old Beams, originally two. C17. II
Forton Cottage. Early C18 house. II
Owls Cottage, originally two? C18 II
Yew Tree Cottage. C17. II
7, 9 (Sirrah), 11 (ex-off licence) Early C18. II
1, 3, 5, II
Riverside Cottage, originally two. Late C18. II
6 & 8, pair of houses 1865
2 & Queen Anne Cottage. C16 II
Forton Farmhouse. C18. II
Barn & Stable. C18 II


Middleton House Early C19. II
and granary. Early C19. II
Church Farmhouse, originally two. C18. II
Stable and cartshed. Early C19. II
Granary. Late C18. II
9, Middleton (Church Farm Cottage) Late C18. II
Woodbury House (former Rectory) Early C19. II
Church. C.1200. Grade I
Stone Cross. 1867 II
The Old Curacy. C17 II
The Cottage. Mid C19. II
White Windows. C18. II
Westbrook & Brookside, row of small dwellings, now two. Early C19. II
Fellmongers Barn. Late C18. II
The Thatch, Southside Rd. Late C18. II
Southside Farm. C17. 1815 additions. II
Barn & cartshed C18
Granary Early C19 all now River Barn II
Stable Mid C19
Honey Cottage, Sugar or Cotton Lane. Early C18. II
Lower Farm Cottage, Sugar Lane. House, formerly two. Early C18. II

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