Longparish Village Handbook (1999 edition)
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West Aston

Vine Cottage. Late C18. II
Yew Cottage, originally two. Late C18. II
Janor. C17. II
Newton Cottage and wall. Originally two. C17. II
Cricketers Inn. Early C19. II
The Drove. Early C19 house. II
Maiden Cottage. C18. II
Meadow Lawn. Late C18. II
Preston Cottage. C17. II
West Aston & Aston Cottage. Late C18. II
Little Newton. C17. II
Keeper’s Cottage. C17. II
Tudor Cottage. C17. II
Malthouse Cottage C17. II
and granary. Early C19. II
Cricket Field Cottages. C17. II

East Aston

Millhouse and mill. Early C19 house attached to water mill, C20 additions. Grade II Meadow Farm Cottage. Late C18. II
Home Farm Cottage. Late C18. II
East Aston House. Early C19. II
Orchard Cottage and barn. Late C18. II
Garden Cottage. C17 frame, C18 cladding. II
Cowleaze Cottages. C17. II
Longparish House. Late C17 or early C18. Late C19 additions. Grade II*
Granary. C18. II

Outlying buildings

Dead Man’s Plack. Monument in Harewood Forest 1826. II
Gavelacre. Early C18. II
Barn C18 II
Stable & granary Early C19 II
Smallwood Lodge & Harewood Halt (former station) 1884 II
Firgo Farm. C17. II
Barn & stable II

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