Longparish Village Handbook (1999 edition)
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The parish is criss-crossed by footpaths, which Hampshire County Council and the Parish Council have done their best to preserve with the cooperation of the landowners. A footpath map may be found in the centre of this booklet (pages 16 to 19) which includes the path numbers. Paths are also marked on Ordnance Survey Landranger 185 map scale 1:50,000, and more clearly on Ordnance Survey Pathfinder 1223 and Ordnance Survey Explorer 144 map scale 1:25,000. The paths include part of Hampshire’s long-distant path, the Test Way, which runs from Combe Gibbet to Totton. In 1995 The Parish Council decided to join the Parish Paths Partnership, in which the County Council devolves its duty to maintain the paths to the Parish Council, and gives a grant and advice to help it. The landowner still has the duty to ensure that paths are not obstructed, that vegetation from the side does not fall in and that paths are restored within 14 days of ploughing. Landowners are also liable to maintain stiles and gates. The Parish Council is encouraging the use of kissing gates wherever possible.

Those using the paths should observe the Countryside Code, and make sure that they shut gates, do not drop litter and keep themselves and their dogs on the path. This is particularly important where stock or game may be disturbed.

Some good walks

  1. A pleasant circular walk with many stiles.
    Start by the shop, and cross the road to join footpath 11 across the Newton. Walk diagonally across the field to the left to the footbridge over the river by Longparish House, and continue on the raised footpath across and along the field to the Upper Mill, over several stiles. At the mill you can turn left and join the main village road, or turn right and walk along the road to the Cleeves until you reach the main river. Turn left along footpath 3 over Long Bridge, cross the common and go through a kissing gate to join the main road by Broadacre. Follow the road back to the field by Longparish House. Use footpath 8 across the field and back to the shop.
  2. Start from North Acre and take footpath 32 which runs through the houses and up over the hill to the north. The extensive view of the village from the top is the least obstructed by trees. Follow the path straight over the hill, crossing a field to reach the farm track behind, footpath 47. You can turn right to Tracy’s Dell, and return to North Acre by the lane and across the field when you rejoin the road, footpath 10. Alternatively, for a longer walk, turn left on the farm track, and follow it as far as footpath 43 and Sugar Lane, and return to North Acre on the back path, footpath 10.
  3. From Forton take footpath 76 across Buck Close to the Church, which is part of the Test Way, walk down the village street and turn left down Sugar Lane. Follow the footpath which is an extension of Sugar Lane until you reach the farm track. Turn left and follow the track until you meet the Middleway. Continue on the road for a short way past Middleton Farm buildings and over the railway line, then turn left on to footpath 44, the Broadney path, which will take you back to Forton.

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