Longparish Village Handbook (1999 edition)
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Test Valley Borough Council

Longparish belongs to the Harewood ward of Test Valley which is represented by two councillors. For administrative purposes Longparish is in the Northern Area of Test Valley which is based at the Headquarters in Beech Hurst, Andover. Some departments are based in the Southern area offices at Duttons Road, Romsey.

The District Council is responsible for most planning issues, some aspects of transportation, housing, leisure facilities, environmental health, including waste collection. It levies Council Tax which partially funds local government. It also runs the telephone Lifeline for the elderly and disabled. See the Directory.

Meetings of the Council and its committees are advertised in the Andover Advertiser, and members of the public are allowed to attend. Provision has recently been made for objectors to planning applications to make a short verbal presentation to the Planning Sub-Committee. Those who wish to do so should notify Test Valley more than 48 hours before the meeting. Planning applications are advertised in the local paper, and plans can be inspected at the Planning Department at Beech Hurst. Letters should be addressed to The Planning Officer at Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover. SP10 3AJ

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