Longparish Village Handbook (1999 edition)
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Permanent residents who are over the state retirement age, or registered disabled with Social Services are entitled to help with paying for public transport. This can take the form of travel tokens which can be used on buses and for some taxis. Alternatively, you can buy a half fare bus pass for £5, or use your entitlement to buy a Senior Citizen’s Railcard, with some tokens to make up the difference. Up to date information can be obtained Test Valley Borough Council Benefits Section, Revenue Service. The year starts in April.


Whitchurch and Andover are the nearest railway stations. Many of the Waterloo-Exeter trains stop in Whitchurch; all stop in Andover.

An alternative service is available at Micheldever on the Waterloo-Southampton line, where some trains stop, especially at commuting times.


The nearest taxis are based in Andover and are listed in the Yellow Pages.

Dial-a Ride

This service is available for those who are unable to get to a bus stop or on to a bus. It can accommodate wheel chairs and provides door to door transport to Andover shopping centre on Wednesday or Thursday. See Directory.

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