Longparish Village Handbook (1999 edition)
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The pubs

Although only two survive, The Plough (dating from 1721) and the Cricketers (previously The Free House), Longparish has had several other pubs, beer houses and off licences in its time. The last to go was The Buck (previously The George) which was on the A303 just to the Andover side of the new bridge linking Longparish with Wherwell: it stood where the filling station now is and was open until the mid 1980s.

The last of the beer houses (no spirits) was the Stream Inn, which later became the Stream Stores and is now a private house. Its last landlord, Mr Hounsome, also ran a carrier service. The last off licence in the village, other than the present village shop, was in one of the thatched cottages in Forton, and remained in business until the late 1970s. That was also run by one of the Hounsome family, Mrs Vera Richardson.

In the Second World War, when there was a large transit camp between the top of Southside Hill and the A303, and beer was very short, long queues of British, Canadian and American soldiers would form outside The Free House and The Plough if it was known that the brewers, Marstons in the case of The Free House, and Strongs of Romsey at The Plough, had called that day.

Details about the Cricketers and The Plough are in the Directory section.

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