Longparish Village Handbook (1999 edition)
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Fete Committee

Longparish Fete at the beginning of August has been a key date in the calendar for many years. At one time it was usually held at Longparish House, but in recent years it has been in the School field. It is the major fundraising event for the Church and the Village Hall. Help is always needed, and there is considerable experience and expertise available to help new recruits. Planning starts in the New Year and there is a social event the day after the fete to hear the result and celebrate its success.

Friends of Longparish School

This is an organisation for parents and others who share their concern for the education of the children of the village. It is particularly concerned with fundraising for improvements to the school, playgroup and mother and toddler group, and holds a fete in late spring. It also organises social events, and runs a 100 Club from January to December with a monthly draw to raise funds. Contact the Chairman.

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