Those of you who have gone past or visited the school recently will certainly have noticed the works going on at the front of the school. Now that the dense and overgrown shrubbery has been cleared our original and rather attractive school building can again be seen. We knew that we would need to remove two trees which had died, but once clearance began it became clear that several others were riddled with bracket fungus and already ailing. We are, therefore, looking a little more open-plan than we had anticipated! Plans are, however, well in hand to level and grass the site and then plant a number of new healthy trees which will provide interest and a haven for the birds throughout the year. Pupils from the school council will be helping to select and plant the new trees. We are now looking at alternatives to mark the boundary and a coat of paint to the buillding will also feature before too long.

Our Year Seven pupils recently visited Salisbury Cathedral as part of a joint History and RE project. The pupils had an excellent day, researching and experiencing the history of the cathedral and its surroundings. They also did themselves proud, being complimented on their work, behaviour and courtesy by members of the cathedral staff.

Pupils in Year Nine have recently been involved in making choices for Key Stage Four, the courses they will follow leading up to their GCSEs. We are taking advantage of some changes in the National Curriculum to offer pupils a wider and less prescriptive choice than has been possible in recent years. All pupils will still study a common core of English, Maths and Science, IT, PE and PSE but we have freed up the system so that they can have a real choice of subjects that interest them or in which they are particularly talented. Pupils can, for example, combine Work Related Learning at college with Technology and Business Studies in school or put together a more academic package of two languages, history and geography or nurture their creative talents through music and drama. And all of this at a bog standard comprehensive!

We are delighted to welcome WADS, the Whitchurch Amateur Dramatic Society, to their new home at Testbourne. They are now using the newly re-furbished Community Suite and Theatre Hall and we look forward very much to their future productions.

As we go to press rehearsals are well in-hand in school for the Red Nose Day Talent Competition and Teachers' Weakest Link. More news of this next time!

Tricia Scott

Longparish Village Hall A.G.M.
Monday, 9th. April 2001

The Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall will be held in the Committee Room of the Village Hall (entrance at the back) on Monday 9th. April at 7.3Opm.

The Village Hall is a registered Charity. Under the terms of the Trust Deed the Longparish Parish Council are the Cijstodian Trustees with the affairs of the Village Hall managed by a Committee of Management (The Village Hall Committee). The Trust Deed makes provision for Village Organisations (e.g. Cricket Club, Wives Group, P.C.C , Mothers Union, Parish Council etc.) to nominate representatives to the committee and for up to five other members to be elected at the A.G.M. The committee also has power to co-opt members.

The committee elects the Chairman at the first committee meeting following the A.G.M.

New members would be most welcome.

Light refreshments will be available after the meeting.

Stuart Bevan

St. Nicholas Wives Group

The next meeting will be held on Thursday April 19th at the Village Hall at the usual time of 7.30pm. Our speaker will be Wendy Ellicock, she will show slides and speak about "Health From Your Garden."

After the talk there will be an opportunity to exchange seedlings with other members. As you all know we always sow too many and this is a chance to swap seedlings with others rather than consign those precious little plants to the compost heap. There is no need to prick out the seedlings just bring them along.

Gloria Goodliffe