The Parish Council recently co-operated with the Rights of Way department of Hampshire County Council and local landowners to open selected paths unlikely to bring walkers into contact with sheep, cattle, pigs or deer.  Almost as soon as that was done, the system was changed.

FROM 26TH MAY, ALL HAMPSHIRE FOOTPATHS WILL BE OPEN UNLESS LIVESTOCK OWNERS HAVE APPLIED FOR SPECIAL RED AND YELLOW NOTICES WHICH WILL SAY  “NO ENTRY”.    These can be used on paths or parts of paths which run through susceptible livestock or which are heavily used by livestock. Known livestock owners are being contacted by the Trading Standards Agency.  Enquiries should be made on 01962  844106.

Mary Jo Darrah

Longparish School Governors

The team of School Governors is seeking new members. It is very interesting voluntary work, and offers a chance to share in the real responsibility the Governors bear for the well-being of the school in every way - of pupils, staff, buildings and grounds - for the benefit of the whole community.

Because the School is a Church of England foundation, and committed by it to working with the Church in its broader aims, you would need to be in sympathy with the foundation. It is very worthwhile work, and particularly at the moment looking forward to the possibility of the exciting major building project for the Village Hall. Governors do not have to have children at the School, and it is of great value to have a wide range of skills and experience in the team.

If you think you might be interested, or want to discuss it further (without obligation!), please talk to the Head Teacher, Rosalind Hobrough (720317) or myself, Revd Martin Coppen (01264 738308).

Meditation Prayer Group

Our course of meetings praying with themes from the Methodist Covenant Service, such as the freedom of God’s love, the risk of responding to God’s love and living our call in daily life, continues.  Future dates are 13th June and 27th June from 10.50am to 12 noon at 24, Hurstbourne Priors.  Newcomers welcome at any point.  Led by Revd. Nona Harrison 01264 720215 and Revd. Jenny Harrison 01256 892895

In Memoriam

Cecilia Augusta Turton

21st September 1915 - 24th April 2001

Cissy, Cecilia, was born in Longparish and for all but a very few years, always lived here. She was the middle daughter of Fred and Amy Stannard. They were living at that time at Carpenters’ Cottage (Forton Gate Cottage), as Fred was working for the Middleton Estate. So she went to Longparish School, and left there, when she was 14, to enter service with a family in Andover. She would have been at School with Charlie, a year her senior: but they got to know each other much better and eventually courted and were married in St Nicholas’ church around 1940.

 Charlie was in the army in the War, and Cissy did war work at Enham Industries. After the war they settled back into village life, after a short time living in Barton Stacey, they returned to live with Mrs Turton in Gladstone Terrace and Daphne was born. It was about 40 years ago that they moved to the Bungalow, Mill Lane.

Cissy had a quiet place in village life, she was a private person who lived for her family, and loved her grandsons, Graham and Geoffrey. She liked to help Charlie at the Flower Shows, and used to make her own entries in the cooking competitions for which she won many prizes. She was a dinner lady first at Barton Stacey School, and then at Longparish for a number of years. She survived her beloved Charlie by some 5½ years.  Recently she had not been in very good health though her death came as a very great shock.

We offer Daphne and her family and Amy and Kath, her surviving sisters, our deepest sympathy in their loss.


Donations for the Children’s Society from collecting boxes in Hurstbourne Priors and Longparish raised £100.65 during the past year.

The Society is very grateful for the support it receives from our Parishes. Thank you to everyone taking boxes again this year.   If you do not already have a box and are willing to have one, please contact me, we need to continue with all the help we can give.

Daphne Bevan – 01264 720412