Hampshire Music Service organised a special workshop for pupils from years 5 and 6 at Andover Museum on November 27th. The children learnt about the Indonesian percussion instruments, the Gamelan, and following some tuition, they had an opportunity to play themselves. Everyone involved spent a very noisy and enjoyable morning.

As part of their Tudor studies, children from years 3 and 4 gave a presentation for parents and friends at the end of November. They had written short and graphic plays based on the sinking of the Mary Rose, as well as researching facts about the Tudor Kings and Queens. Dressed in the costume of the day, they entertained the audience, concluding the afternoon with a stately dance. Miss Victoria James from King Alfred's College in Winchester, who has completed a very successful teaching practice at the school, produced the programme.

Later that day the Governors reported on the work of the school during the past year at the Annual Parents Meeting. After the business part of the evening was over, Alistair Black, recently retired Hampshire Inspector of Drama, gave an entertaining talk on the place of the Arts in the Primary Curriculum.

The term ended with the usual frenetic activity associated with the celebration of Christmas, including the St Nicholas Day Service, with Amy Jones as the child bishop. In the spirit of the good saint she blessed the congregation and gave out gold coins at the door. There was also a Carol Service, "The Elves and the Shoemaker" - a play performed by the Infant children, and "A Christmas Carol" by the Juniors.

St Nicholas Wives Group

On October 18th 14 members met at Woodstock for the AGM. It was announced that, sadly, Iris Maidment was resigning as Vice President and in fact was leaving the group. Iris has been a member for many years and is mentioned in the minutes of September 1968 as being appointed secretary. Everyone wishes Iris well. We will miss her constant support at our monthly meetings. We all agreed to help with transport and extend invitations to Iris so that she can attend our special meetings.

The President read a report of the past year and reminded us of our activities, outings, talks and charitable help. Our membership has remained stable at about 30 members. We are always open to new members and would welcome anyone who wishes join. The President thanked Members for opening their homes for meetings during the year. Out going members of the committee were also thanked for their help.

The election of officers took place. For the year 2001/2002 the officers are as follows: - Daphne Bevan- President, Pat Coleman-Vice President, Maria Neal-Treasurer and Gloria Goodliffe-Secretary.

It was agreed that this year we will hold our party on January 17th at 7.00pm in the Village Hall. It will be a sit down meal for Wives Group members, husbands and friends. If past years are any guide to the evening, we will enjoy a fine meal and good company.

On November 18th twenty one members met at Greenfields to hear about Longparish in days gone by. Dick Snow and Kathleen Hewlett made the past come alive for us all. Dick took us for an imaginary walk around the village and told us where we would have seen cow-sheds, barns and other evidence of a thriving farming community. We heard about sheep and their essential role in fertilising the ground before the widespread use of artificial fertilisers. We heard about milk rounds by bike. Dick told us how the men used the now demolished Reading Room for card games, darts and billiards. Kath recalled memories of: - oranges given to school children at Christmas, outings to the seaside with early morning starts, of the children's grazed knees when they fell on the gravel lane in Forton, of dances at the Village Hall, of the nurse who was thought to bring babies in her black bag. Thanks go to Mary Jo Darrah who took notes and made a recording of the memories. Dick and Kath told us about so many things I am sure that we will see a more comprehensive account of their reminiscences in print in future months.

By the time you read this article the Wives group will have had their December meeting at Mallards where we will have heard a talk by Rev. Martin Coppen. I will take this opportunity to wish all members

A Happy Christmas and a healthy, peaceful New Year.