Longparish Parish Council

At its December meeting the Parish Council:

Jeremy Barber Chairman
tel. 720459
email jeremy.barber@longparish.org.uk


Once again, my especial thanks to all who helped towards the success of this year’s Sale.

Over the past weeks a lot of work had been carried out in different homes to produce items for sale and on the Saturday morning people appeared at different times bringing in goods for the different stalls which were then set up. By 2.30 pm every thing was ready for the opening. Although we do not charge an entrance fee, over £11-00 was dropped in the bowl by the door. A hectic but enjoyable time was had by all and at the end of the day £680-00 had been raised for our village church of St Nicholas. Very well done everybody and THANK YOU.

I was a little concerned that on the same day the "Longparish Parish Plan" Display was to be held in the committee room. As it turned out, I think that the 'Plan' & the 'Sale' helped each other to attract people to come to the Village Hall and both events benefited. John Collins

Friends of Longparish School
100+ Club
The winners for October were:
  1st prize Mr Dinesen  
  2nd prize Lesley Green  
  3rd prize Hilda MacDonald  
The winners for November were:
  1st prize Mrs J W Dunford  
  2nd prize Mrs Meares  
  3rd prize Ben and Christine Wrey