Thank you….

“Andrew, Rachel, Eleanor and Esmé Parkins and Bessie would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all the kind people who helped on the night of their house fire and in the days following.

The practical help such as shifting furniture, looking after pets, supplying clothes and toys, providing meals, taking care of the children, offers of homes to stay in, and more, has moved us tremendously.   Your kindness has helped us to weather the storm.   Thank you.”

Volunteer needed

Rachel and Andrew Parkins had just taken over as Hill and Valley deliverers for Forton when their house was tragically burned down.   Can someone volunteer to do the job until they are able to return to Forton please

Contact Jane Sterndale Bennett tel. 720222.

Longparish School

The Dance Club took part in a production of "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" staged at Testbourne Community School, during the Easter holiday.   They enjoyed the experience of performing to the public.  

The school has had a run of successes in sport. Year 3/4 (8-9 yrs) and Year 5/6 (10-11 Yrs) Tag Rugby teams have both qualified for the County Finals of the Sparkling Rugby Tournament organised by Hampshire.   High Fives is a form of netball.   We entered the Country Schools High Fives Tournament for the first time and came third.   The 6 - a - side soccer team won their Country Schools Tournament and proudly received individual medals and the trophy.  

We would like to thank everyone who organised, helped and supported the May Fayre.   It raised the magnificent sum of over £4000 after expenses, which is a great start towards the £175,000 we have to raise.

We also appreciate the Tesco vouchers which have been handed in.   We hope to use them towards a computer.  

The 5 and 6 year old children visited Hamble to learn about the seaside. They are also finding out about seaside holidays in the past, so if you have any memories of School or Sunday School outings and would like to share them with the children please let us know.  

Footpaths and dogs

A timely reminder that dogs should not trespass off footpaths, especially now that there are young birds and animals about. Dogs should be kept under control at all times.   They can be frightening to small children even if they are 'only being friendly'. Owners are also asked to clear up after their dogs if they foul the footpaths.

May Fayre Plant Stall

Thank you very much to every one who contributed plants for our stall and to all those who bought them.  We were thrilled that, despite the poor weather, we took more than £760 - a fantastic result.

Maggie Barber

Test Valley Borough Council Elections.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me in the recent Borough elections. I am now elected for the next four years and will dedicate my time to serving all residents of the Harewood ward, which I represent. I shall work for the good of the community to ensure that Test Valley provide quality, value for money services to you all.If you wish to contact me urgently I live at "Mallards" on the Common, tel. 720429. Otherwise I try to attend all parish council meetings and will be made aware of any issues you raise through them.                                   Jim Neal

Hampshire Woodland Week 7th–15th June

The programme is on display in the shop and available in Andover Tourist Information.. Event 21 out of the 40 organised by HCC Recreation & Heritage Dept. may be of special interest to people in Longparish.   On Monday 9 June at 7pm there is a guided walk by a blue badge guide

“Discover Deadman’s Plack in Harewood Forest.” The walk leaves The Plough car park at 7pm and returns by 8.30pm. The event is free but please pre-book by ringing 01962 866502.

St Nicholas Wives Group

Members met at Woodstock on Thursday 15 th May to hear John Chitty, from a veterinary practice in Andover. He showed a fascinating series of slides all taken during his work with rare and exotic animals. We were shown the teeth of tigers, elbow joints of monkeys and shells of tortoises. We were also given an insight into the variety of conditions a vet is expected to deal with and treat using specialist equipment and techniques. Who would think it necessary to move a tortoise’s legs to help it breath whilst under anaesthetic? This technique has now been superseded as it makes it very difficult to operate on a creature that is constantly moving. Who has ever pondered how to give anaesthetic to a fish? John explained how this is done safely causing as little discomfort to the creature as possible. In all, it was a fascinating talk, touching on subjects and problems many of us have never contemplated.

Next month there is no formal meeting as some members are going to the theatre. Our next group meeting is on July 17 th when we will be having a lighthearted quiz at Pauline Cornhill’s house in St Mary Bourne. If you need a lift please contact me on 720425 and I will be happy to arrange one for you.

Gloria Goodliffe