The parish council has a policy of replacing stiles on footpaths with kissing gates.   That makes it easier for the elderly (both walkers and their dogs!) to use the paths.   The work is done by volunteers using materials provided by the County Council through the Parish Paths Partnership.   The latest, on The Newton is the seventh and the best so far.   Thanks to Jane and Jim Rowland, Paul Knipe, Ricky Bourne, Jeremy Barber, Peter Jones and Mary Jo Darrah for all the hard work and to the Troughtons and the Sweets for very welcome refreshments. The gates cost the landowners nothing but the deal is that they are responsible for future maintenance.   In case you can't read it the notice in the picture says 'Volunteers working'!

You may be uncertain where responsibility for footpaths lies.   The County Council is responsible for the surface but does not have the money or manpower to keep many paths clear. Landowners must not block them with crops and if they plough them they must reinstate them promptly.   In practice many people keep paths near them clear for which they deserve thanks from us all.   There is a parish strimmer which six members of the footpaths committee are trained to use safely.   It is owned by the County Council and people using it must be trained.    Vegetation which overhangs the footpath is the landowner's responsibility.   But, in practice, the best way to keep paths clear of overhanging brambles and branches is to carry a pair of secateurs when you walk.   People who also take a carrier bag and fill it with litter when they walk are doubly welcome.   Dog owners are responsible for keeping their dogs under control and clearing up any mess they make.

Longparish Church of England Primary School - School and Community Project

Community Consultation

The overall design statement has been approved by the steering committee.   The project team, with its representatives from the school, playgroup, church and community, has been working with the architect to generate detailed plans for planning application during September.   Anyone who would like to see those plans before they are submitted will be very welcome to view them at the school on

Saturday, 6 th September from 2 until 5 pm .

By that date they should be very near to their final draft.   The architect, diocesan surveyor and representatives of the steering committee will be present to answer any questions.   Near neighbours to the school will be approached individually close to that date.  

Open Days

Later in the year when the plans are approved and drawings are fully worked up for illustration we will be holding two open days at the school to let everyone see the project in a more representative format than viewing the technical plans allows.   Do please try to come along to one of these days.   We will publish the dates in due course.   We hope you will be pleased – and inspired!                    John Ellicock


Donations for the Children’s Society from collecting boxes in Hurstbourne Priors and Longparish raised £88.02 during the past year.

The Society is very grateful for the support it receives from our Parishes.   Thank you to everyone taking boxes again this year.    If you do not already have a box and are willing to have one, please contact me.   We need to continue with all the help we can give.

Daphne Bevan – 01264 720412


has vacancies in September.

Nursery Nurse with 14 years experience.

Tel Nicky 01264 720452

Cricket Club 100 Club June Draw

1. £35       no.47                    Mary Jo Darrah

2. £15      no. 79                    Elaine Mancini

3. £15      no. 234    Ann Louise Spence Herbert

The Cricket Club is doing well on the field but has suffered further vandalism to the clubhouse.   Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activities to