Longparish School

We enjoyed a variety of activities as the School Year drew to its close.   The Infant children spent a day in the New Forest at Minstead Study Centre.   The Juniors held a Swimming Gala on a beautiful Summer's afternoon at Middleton, by the kind permission of Mr and Mrs R Wills.

A special service was held in St Nicholas' Church to celebrate the achievements of the year and to wish Ellen Blundell, Charlotte Clay, Katherine Graham, Alex Green, Edward Healey, Paul Hollis, Naomi Isherwood, Thomas Lewis, Edmund Procter and Oliver Rident "God Speed" as they transfer to their secondary schools.

We would like to thank everyone for their interest and support during the year.  

The dates for Senior Citizens' Lunches for next term are

September 16th, October 21st, November 18th and December 9th.                                           Christine Leach


School Building Project

Preview of plans on Saturday, 6 th September from 2 until 5 pm .

As mentioned in the last issue, the plans for the new buildings at the school will be on view at the school on the afternoon of 6 th September before being submitted to TVBC Planning Department.   By that date they should be very near to their final draft.   The architect, diocesan surveyor and representatives of the steering committee will be present to answer any questions.   Near neighbours to the school are being approached individually close to that date.  

Open Days

Later in the year when the plans are approved and drawings are fully worked up for illustration we will be holding two open days at the school to let everyone see the project in a more representative format than viewing the technical plans allows.

                                                        John Ellicock


Longparish Players logo



We are looking to organise an informal group to perform comedy and light drama in the village.    If you would like to become involved in this group either acting, producing or if you have any skills making costumes or scenery, please give us a call.  

Martin & Andrea Hulme    01264 720347



We had a busy but mostly enjoyable end to the Summer Term. With temperatures soaring it was certainly also a very hot end to the term. 1970s' school buildings were not built with such summers in mind (in spite of ‘76 for those of us mature enough to remember it!) and some classes have therefore had to repair to sit under the shade of the trees on the grass, resembling happy but sleepy flocks of sheep at times!

A Year 8 trip to the Outdoor Activities Centre at Calshot, an art outing to sketch at the seaside, a geography field trip to the Dorset Coast, a visit to the Rhineland, the annual Sports' Day and the Swimming Gala have added enjoyment for all

We also had a full scale Activities Day in the last week of term.    Year 7 had a   French Day, including recreating café life at Testbourne. We sent Year 8 to prison - or rather the prison came to us, with representatives of the prison and legal services running a “Prison? Me No Way!” day for our inmates, complete with supervised turns around the exercise yard! A suitable deterrent we hope for the future.   Half of Year 9 were at Marwell Zoo, with the other half   being put through their paces by the Army on the school site.   (We are now wondering if it would be a good idea to include press ups in our list of sanctions!)   Year 10 had a super Driving Day run by the British School of Motoring. We were also pleased to welcome our local MP Sir George Young who joined us for part of the day.

By the time you read this we will finally also have officially opened our Jubilee Garden, in the central quadrangle.   Partly funded by the Queen's Jubilee “Funds for All”, the first phase was indeed opened in Jubilee Year, to carols around the Christmas Tree. More paving and planting has taken place since then (and an awful lot of weeding) and the garden is already providing a really attractive and peaceful haven.   The paving has some interesting geological features, which represent the story of the development of the Earth.   There will always be more work to be done as the garden grows, both in character and botanically, and we look forward to enjoying it for years to come. The garden will also be available for hire for anyone looking for a select venue for a summer party.

There has also still been work going on amongst the fun, with our latest K3 test results showing how the hard work during the year has paid off. Around 90% of pupils achieved Level 5 and above in their SATs, with virtually the whole of top set Maths achieving Level 8. This represents another record set of results.