Longparish Parish Council

The Village Design Statement has been published and a copy will now be distributed free to every household in the village with this issue.   It has been funded by the Parish Council and a generous grant from Test Valley Borough Council.   The Council is very grateful to everyone who has contributed and particularly to Mary Jo Darrah who led this work recently.

The VDS was approved by Test Valley Borough Council in April 2003 as Supplementary Planning Guidance.    Please consult it if you are considering alterations to your house and check that your plans are in accordance with the general design guidelines as well as those appropriate to each settlement.   TVBC planning officers are always willing to give advice.   Please keep your copy for future reference and leave it in your house for future owners if you should move.  


The council objected to flue arrangements in revised plans for Orchard House .   There were no objections to an extension at Foxdale House and alterations to the garage at Grebe House .

Following speeches from Longparish councillors and local residents, TVBC planning committee overturned their officers' recommendations and refused permission for Saturday afternoon and Sunday working at the Turbine Barn , an obtrusive metal flue at 4 The Withies and an extension at 4 Woodwalk Cottages.


The Council approved the budget for the next financial year to March 2005.   The parish precept (the amount you pay in your council tax) has been pegged at this year's level.


There was an excellent response to Mr Bourne's proposed an Adopt-a-Road scheme to help keep litter under control.   He now has a team of seven volunteers (The Magnificent Seven) who will be equipped with litter pickers and fluorescent jackets to keep our roads tidy.   More volunteers will be very welcome.   If you'd like to do your bit please contact Ricky Bourne on 720500.  

Following a very constructive meeting, Hampshire Highways have agreed to erect warning signs for the playground.   They are also considering ideas to improve drainage and road safety.   They suggested that the school should develop a travel plan and the governors have decided to do so.



Kissing gates help less agile walkers and dogs. Thank you very much to the volunteers who installed a new one at the bottom of the Broadney.   A big thank you goes also the Hampshire County Council Footpaths team for the two excellent new bridges on the path through the water meadows west from Upper Mill.

Open spaces

The wok roundabout should be installed by the time you read this.   It will be followed by a new picnic bench in the playground and a new bench in the churchyard to commemorate Nancy Goodwin.   The contractor has been asked to service the skate ramp.

 The next meeting is at 7.30pm on Monday 9 February in the Village Hall committee room.   Our meetings are public and all parishioners are welcome to come and can speak.   The agenda will be on the notice boards at the shop and in Forton a few days before the meeting.

Jeremy Barber Chairman Tel 720459 email jeremy.barber@longparish.org.uk



Thank you very much to everyone who helped at either of the two clean up days we held in the Autumn.   The first was disrupted by the rugby final – excellent result for those who watched – and the rain.   The second one was called off and the third one finished off the jobs that had been started earlier.

Despite the weather we managed to cut back the brambles along the main road opposite the stream so it is now much easier to walk along the road.   We also cleaned out the weeds and leaves in the stream.   Unfortunately there was little evidence of water voles this year – probably because there are now mink in the village who prey on the voles.  

You will have noticed that Middleton Estate has cut back a lot of the trees beyond the stream and the whole area is now much more open.   This should make our job easier next year as there will be fewer leaves to fall into the stream.

Ricky Bourne and his band of litter pickers – now aided by mechanical gadgets - have done a good clean up job on all the roads.   Thanks also go to Robert Streatfeild who cleaned the mud off the footpath adjacent to the school.

Our next clean up day will be in the Spring and I look forward to seeing old and new volunteers then.  

Jenny Jolliffe

FOLS 100+ Club December Super Draw Winners:

1st Prize £100      No..48                    Mrs. G.B. Milton

2nd Prize £50.      No. 10                    R.T. Snow

3rd Prize £25        No. 6                     Mrs. Elsa O'Sullivan

4th Prize £15        No. 92                    D. Skinner

5th Prize £15        No. 24