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There you will find our helpful guide.

Various levels of knowledge are catered for.

Good luck from

the Longparish Broadband Action Group



In conjunction with Test Valley Art 2004

Paula Vize

is holding an

Art Exhibition

at The Studio

Walnut Tree House

East Aston Longparish

Sat 12 th & Sun 13 th June


Admission free

Kind donations to Longparish School & Community Project


Message in a bottle

The Lions Club of Great Britain have launched a “message in a bottle” initiative. They will provide anyone making a request with a plastic container, containing a form on which they can put details of medical conditions, medication, emergency contact numbers etc. that would assist the emergency services if a call was received to attend the address in the case of illness, burglary and so on. The container with its information inside should be stored in the refrigerator. This is where members of the emergency services will expect participating households to keep it. If you want to know more about this, please contact Ron Woodland on 01264 889308 or Terry Conlon on 01264 332763.

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March FoLS 100+ Club draw result

1st Prize               £25.00     No. 85      Mrs. Williams

2nd Prize               £10.00               No.49               Mrs. Barter

3rd Prize               £5.00                     No.43               Mrs. Burnett

May Fayre Plant Stall

We need plants of all sorts for the May Fayre plant stall.   So if you have a surplus of bedding or can split herbaceous plants please give some.   Seeds and other garden stuff will also be very welcome.   Thanks very much.

Maggie Barber tel 720459

Cucurbit Corner

There will be a huge variety of cucurbits (courgettes, cucumbers, pumpkins and squashes and gourds) on sale at the May Fayre.   And the Eighth Great Longparish Pumpkin Competition in October will feature classes for decorative and unusual entries of all shapes and sizes as well as huge ones.   So please try something out of the ordinary for a change.   There is a feature showing what they all look like on the village website.   The plants on sale will include

Courgettes - Golden Dawn (yellow) and Tiger Cross (green – also suitable for marrows)

Cucumber - Burpless Tasty - ridge

Pumpkins - Atlantic Giant (capable of reaching over 600lbs), Jack be Little (small and tasty), Sweet Dumpling (small, pretty yellow and green and good eating); Chicago Warted Hubbard (weird knobbly blue), Uchiki Kuri (attractive orange with sweet nutty flesh)

Squashes – Show King Giant Green (capable of growing to over 400lbs), Blue Kuri (small blue); Jaspee de Vendee (sweet and tasty and good for lanterns), Turks Turban (ornamental and tasty), Red Turban (like Turk's Turban but prettier), Twonga (blue-grey climber), Marina di Chioggia (blue and knobbly with tasty orange flesh), Nice Long (light green and thick at one end), Speckled Swan (green and white with a long curved neck)

Gourds - assorted - pretty but not for eating




A wine tasting in Longparish

an informal early-evening social event


Sat. 22 May at Longparish Village Hall, between 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Try a fine selection of wines, bursting with South African sunshine, from well established wine estates in the Stellenbosch and Paarl regions of the Western Cape,

  courtesy of Palate Wines.


There will be cheese and fruit to nibble, and expert advice on hand if you would like to know more about the wine estates and how the wines are grown.

Tickets : £5.00 each from

  Cheryl Dowler 01264 720581.

Proceeds to the Longparish School & Community Project .