Longparish Players Present

Their First Production

The Happiest Days of Your Life

A Farce by John Dighton 

The masters of Hilary Hall School for Boys are told that St Swithin's, a girl's school, will be billeted upon them. The staff try desperately to conceal the fact that boys and girls are housed together, but in vain, for the parents find out.   They are about to remove their offspring when a message arrives: a third school is to share Hilary Hall.   Against this common enemy, both staff and parents unite to barricade the gates.

Friday 12 th November

Saturday 13 th November

7.30pm in Longparish Village Hall


£4.50 Adults

£3.00 under 16's

Available from Acre Stores or

Telephone Andrea Harris 01264 720457

Starting School 2005?

Was your child born between

1 st September 2000 and 31 st August 2001?

It is important that you apply for a school place by midday on Friday 19 th November 2004.   To do so you will need to collect a brochure and an application form (CR2) from your local primary school..   This deadline is 2 months earlier than in previous years.   If you have any queries, please ring the Hampshire Education Authority' admissions team on 01962 846004/ 864001/ 864020/ 864038.


Christmas choir

The Carol Service in St Nicholas Church will be on Sunday 19 th December and once again a choir is being organised to lead the singing.   There will be 5 rehearsals starting on 18 th November on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm in the church.   All those who would like to join are welcome.   It is not necessary to attend all the rehearsals if this is difficult.

Please ring Wendy Ellicock tel. 720386 for further details

Management of Southside Common

The Parish Council is initiating a Management programme to promote the wildlife interest of the common.   This involves the following activities carried out by volunteers:-

These activities will slowly encourage a greater diversity of plants and animals by allowing the less dominant species to thrive and to provide a greater variety of food plants and nesting habitats. This management mirrors the traditional management of this type of fen meadow, with cutting replacing grazing, and hay-mowing.

Plant species recorded include a selection of marsh plants including angelica, comfrey, bugle, meadowsweet, marsh thistle, ragged robin, water avens, cowslip and yellow flag.   On dryer patches are tormentil, sweet vernal grass, carnation sedge and wood avens.

Birds already noted on the site include, chiff-chaff, blackcap, hedge sparrow, blue tits, great tits, long-tailed tits and chaffinch.

Grass snakes bask on patches of dried grass and lay their eggs in the piles of composting cut grass, the heat from which helps incubate the eggs and keeps them moist.

Butterflies such as small tortoiseshell, comma, peacock, red admiral and painted lady are attracted to feed by thistles and patches of hemp agrimony.


Dates for Work Parties on Southside Common

Work this winter will concentrate on tidying the boundary hedges. This will involve cleaning out dead and unwanted material, opening up spaces for planting shrubs to thicken the hedge and removing more vigorous species (eg ash, sycamore and elder) which shade out hedgerow species, creating gaps.

November 6th Saturday - FeIl small ash trees and clear the first half of the hedge.

December 4th Saturday - Clear the second half of the hedge. (I can arrange to complete this work in the following week if we do not have time).

Times are flexible, however we generally work from 1O:30am until 1pm

Wear old clothes suitable for the time of year and boots and gloves. Tools are provided; if, however, you wish to bring your own, loppers, rakes and hand-saws are useful.

Paul Knipe Tel: 720713