Longparish Parish Council


Here are some points from the January meeting.   It was a short meeting with no planning applications for the first time in years.   PC Taylor was unable to attend and was invited to the next meeting.   Full minutes of meetings are on the village website www.longparish.org.uk .


The right to roam is of very little significance in the village as it does not apply to agricultural land or forest land (see separate article).   A parishioner raised the matter of paths in Harewood Forest.   There has been correspondence in the Andover Advertiser.   Jeremy Barber and Martin Lampard were asked to look into the matter.

Open Spaces

Mr Dave Haggar has been employed to get rid of the moles on the football field and the playground.

The council welcome an offer from Ricky Bourne to produce articles for Hill & Valley explaining the year in agriculture, month by month.

Reception for New Villagers

This will be on Thursday 24 February at 8pm in the village hall.   Please come along if you are new to the village (see separate article).


The council decided to hold the precept (the amount parishioners pay as part of the council tax) at the same amount as last year and the year before.   The council has budgeted for improvements to the paths in the cemetery which are difficult for elderly people and wheelchair users and allocated a sum for implementation of parish plan proposals.

Village Hall

The council gave £500 to the village hall as a contribution to running expenses.

Wheelie Bin Collection

Over 200 people have now signed the petition in the shop and it will go to TVBC soon.   Ricky Bourne gave an interesting explanation of the life cycle (less than two weeks) of the blowfly.   Yukk!   Our Borough Councillor, Jim Neale, assured the meeting that TVBC would not be allowed to change wheelie bin collections to fortnightly.


The next Council meeting is on Monday 21 February (a week later than usual) at 7.30 in the Village Hall committee room.   We have invited WPC Fiona Taylor, our new community police officer to the meeting to meet the council and explain her role.   Meetings are public and all parishioners are welcome to come and can speak.


Jeremy Barber Chairman.   Tel 720459

email jeremy.barber@longparish.org.uk  




Welcome for new villagers
Thurs 24 February 2004

There will be a welcome event for new villagers at 8pm on Thursday 24 February in the Village Hall.   This is a joint initiative between the Parish Council and St Nicholas Church.   Please do come if you moved to Longparish in the last couple of years.


The Parish Council will fund drinks and nibbles and it will give you an opportunity to find out more about the village and to meet people who lead village clubs and organisations.


Jeremy Barber and Nona Harrison



Longparish Village Hall

The Village Hall Committee needs a new secretary, as Rachel Scott has moved away.   The committee usually meets three times a year and the secretary takes the minutes and does a little correspondence.

It is not an onerous job.   The chairman, Sandra Jones tel. 720551, would be delighted to hear from anyone interested and can give further details.


On 16 th April we will be spring cleaning the Village Hall.   Volunteers will be very welcome.  

If you can help please contact   one of the following:

Georgina Knipe                    720713
Sandra Jones                     720551
Gloria Goodliffe               720425.





We are very pleased to announce that the fish now shows a total of £173,000, which includes the trust money mentioned last month by John Ellicock.   This is a wonderful achievement by all concerned and we are very grateful to all who have and are continuing to contribute towards our goal of £187,000.    


The Grand Raffle raised £781.00 and was drawn on Christmas Eve.   The prize winners are:

1 st prize    Mrs. Janice Coombs (sister in law of Brigitte Graham)

2 nd prize   Mrs. Sarah Nicholson   This was kindly re-donated and won by Mrs. Valerie Curl

3 rd prize Mr. Richard. Thompson.


Please make a note in your diaries of our next fund-raising event:which will be on

23 rd April 2005

St. Georges Day Port Tasting Evening .

Further details to follow .

Helen Mehaffey