Longparish Fete

Ron Myers from Basingstoke had his fifteen minutes of fame when he picked the winning ticket in a draw to open the Longparish village fete. Dressed in his best suit for the occasion Ron declared the fete open with a flourish saying it was his biggest surprise of the year.   Fete organiser Pete Jones said "After years of cajoling personalities to do the honour we thought it would be a good idea to keep it on a local level."

For the second year running the fete was held in the beautiful grounds of Longparish house thanks to the generosity of Mr. Robin Kelton. Fast gaining a reputation as the best fete in Hampshire the event raised more than six and a half thousand pounds for St. Nicholas Church and the village hall.

Fete organisers had been worried that competition from the test match would hit attendances so they installed a television in the bar so revellers could enjoy the fun and keep up with the scores. Other attractions such as the Romsey Show and a Heritage event in Winchester failed to keep the crowds away.

High on the list of attractions was the duck race on the River Test and fly casting on the sweeping lawns. The usual stalls did good business to the strains of  The Jazz Roar Sextet. A clown mingled with the visitors and provided a children's show.   The Grand Draw attracted a lot of interest in the closing stages of the fete with prizes including  £200  and a TV.

The weather forecast had predicted poor weather....but the sun shone down all day.  

Peter Jones


Winners of the Grand Draw

1 Caroline Firebrace

8. Tina

2. Jethro Snow

9. Beryl Stratton

3. Stephen ( Test Cottage)

10. Tom Dunk

4. David Wright

11. West

5. Barbers

12 Muriel Hull

6. T. Conner

13. Barton

7. Jeffery

14. John Scott

Once again I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who sold tickets before and on the day and to congratulate all our winners.

    Jan West


playgroup clown

Longparish Playgroup

The Annual General Meeting   will be held on October 6th at 8pm at

Longparish School

All welcome


Change to Out of Hours medical cover

From the 27th September the West Hampshire 'Out of Hours Service' will be provided in conjunction with Hampshire Ambulance Services and not with 'Primecare'.   Hampshire Ambulance will be providing the call handling, triage and transport for the service.  The local Primary Care Trusts have been working with Hampshire Ambulance on developing the Service and in particular ensuring effective communication with patients.   Systems are being put in place to comfort call patients and/or their relatives when a visit is unlikely to take place within the target time to inform and reassure patients of any delay that may be incurred to help allay concerns.   A 'concern for welfare' form is also being introduced which will allow the call handler to direct concerns for the patient's condition to a visiting doctor so that they can call the patient and re-prioritise the call if necessary.

From 27th September, the local P.C.Ts will also be providing all the GPs including the 'red-eye' shift (23-00 to 08-00 hours).

The telephone number for the 'Out of Hours Service' will be changing to reflect this re-organisation.  The new number (which can be used with immediate effect - it will just divert to 'Primecare' until 27th September)  is 0844 8113060 .   The PCTs are keen to promote this number as the original telephone number cannot be 'cut off' on 27th September as it will still be operational for those areas of the country that use 'Primecare.




We remain on course to complete the project on time and on budget but with cautious optimism, conscious of the old adage about cup and lip.  

The accelerated programme to get the playing field work done in August in preference to November has worked well thanks to a great effort by many people.   The contractors completed the classrooms for the start of term; Ros Hobrough and her team of staff, parents, governors and other helpers moved all the gear and equipment from the temporary classrooms and elsewhere in the school and, finally, the playgroup undertook all the hard work and inconvenience of moving from their temporary classroom to the village hall, from which they will be operating until half-term when they move into their new accommodation.

Helen Mehaffey, who is organising the official opening weekend (10/11 th December), will be putting all the details in next month's Hill and Valley.                                              John Ellicock