Fire at Little Beck

We apologise that in the account of the fire at Little Beck in the March Hill & Valley the reason given for the fire was inaccurate. Forensics have been unable to identify the cause of the fire, other than it being an electrical fault, and no one is to blame for this tragic accident.

Martin Coppen’s moving account in the aftermath of the fire in St Mary Bourne described very well the shock, the sense of helplessness, the support of the great wave of care in the aftermath and the long haul ahead for those involved. That applies also here in Longparish.

Collecting boxes are available in the two pubs, the village shop, or donations and offers to help the family with immediate necessities can be made to me. This will give us all an opportunity to help in the most flexible way.

Nona Harrison 720215

May Fayre

12th May 2007
at Longparish School

This is our main funding raising event of the year and will be held on Saturday, 12th May from 12 — 3pm in the School grounds.

Friends of Longparish School would be grateful for donations of any good quality second hand books and toys. We would also welcome donations of bottles and homemade cakes and biscuits. As usual, our team of volunteers will be out and about around Longparish and Hurstbourne Priors at the beginning of May, asking for donations of bottles for the tombola. Anything you can give will be gratefully accepted. You can also make donations of bottles into our collection box in the Village Shop.

Donations of books, toys and bottles can be left at the village hall between 3.30pm and 4pm on 9th, 10th, 11th May or deposited in the collection box which will be left outside the School during the week commencing 7th May.

Cakes and biscuits can be brought to the Community Hall from 9am on the morning of the Fayre.

Please contact Lindsay Howie on 01256 895373 if you would like any further information. Thank you for your support.

F.O.L.S 100+ club draw results


1st prize £25 108 Mrs Meares
2nd £10 100 Mrs Noylen North
3rd £5 26 Lucinda Brown


1st £25 128 Mr & Mrs Sands
2nd £10 134 Mr Aldridge
3rd £5 117 Mr & Mrs Chambers