Saturday 8th September 2007 from 12 noon to 4 p.m.

The annual Village Fête will be held in the grounds of Longparish House on Saturday 8th September from 12 noon to 4 p.m. The success of the Fête depends on the participation of everyone who lives in the village, for the aim is to meet each other and have fun! In order for the stalls to be interesting and successful please contribute by either volunteering to help on a stall, or by contributing to or making items for a stall. And if you can’t be with us on the day then a contribution to the running costs, as many already make, would be most welcome. Please deliver contributions to stalls as listed below.

BRIC-Á-BRAC Ornaments, brass or copper items, pictures, porcelain, musical instruments, cameras etc, (but no jumble or electrical items) to Gloria Goodliffe, Meadow View, The Common, Longparish. (Tel. 720425)

BOOKSTALL Books of all descriptions to Michael Lloyd, Tel 720229. Please deliver to his bookstall at Longparish House by 11 a.m. on day of fete.

CAKE STALL Home made cakes and biscuits to be delivered to the cake stall at Longparish House on the day before 11 a.m..

BOTTLE STALL Bottles, cans, wine, spirits, beer, soft drinks etc or cash donations. Please contact Tom Bremridge at Forton, Tel: 720684 whose team will co-ordinate collection. An early response would be appreciated as all prizes have to be numbered before the day.

PLANTS AND PRODUCE Plants and produce such as jam, marmalade, honey, fruit, cut flowers and vegetables. Please deliver to Wendy Ellicock at the stall on the day by 11 a.m. and if possible advise her before hand of quantity (Tel 720386)

GRAND DRAW Attractive gifts and prizes would be most appreciated. Please deliver to or contact Jan West, Drove Cottage. (Tel: 720289)

SECOND HAND ROSE High quality, infrequently worn items that are blocking your wardrobe would be most welcome, to be delivered on the day to Stephanie Berwick (Tel 720258) at her stall in the grounds of Longparish House.

TEAS Donations of homemade cakes and biscuits would be welcomed. Please deliver on the day to the Chapel at the east end of Longparish House.


If your attic is bare or you can’t bake a cake and you do not want to write a cheque, then please lend us your muscle power to help set up the stalls between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Friday 7th and/or to knock down after 4 p.m. at the end of the Fête.

Chairman of Fête Committee: Patrick Beresford

tel 720421

Village fête bric á brac stall

Is your house too cluttered?

Help your village and recycle your old household bits and pieces at the fete in September. There are plenty of rainy days forecast - put them to good use and start clearing out soon. Bring your unwanted items (no electrical products please) to Gloria and Nigel Goodliffe at Meadow View, Southside Road. If you leave things by the back door they will be priced and sorted ready for the Fête. If you want your things to remain dry give us a ring on 720425 and arrange a convenient drop off time. We look forward to receiving your unwanted useful items.


You are invited to the FOL’s ‘Summer Cocktail Party’

Posh Frocks and Pimms”

In aid of our wonderful school

29th September 2007 - 8 – 11pm, The Community Hall, Longparish,

Lots of delicious Canapes

Cocktail Bar



Do come along in your ‘posh frocks’, and bring all your friends, for what promises to be a fabulous evening.

Tickets £15 each – available from all FOL’s committee members or call Kate Jones for more details – 01256 893612.

We are seriously limited with numbers so get your tickets quick!



8th SEPTEMBER 2007

This year, the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Historic Churches Trust walking or cycling day will be held on the 8th September this year. Guess what, it clashes with, our Village Fete! Not very good news for the Historic Churches!

Last year, unfortunately, nobody was able to do any cycling/walking in aid of the Trust. I was hoping this year that a number of people would be able to make it, but, let’s be honest, the Fete comes first. Of course, there could be some who would prefer to get out of the village and visit a few local churches, at the same time raising money by sponsorship. All monies raised is split 50/50 between our church St. Nicholas and the Trust.

Anyone who would like more information about this event, please contact me on 01264 720300 and I will endeavour to let you know what it is all about. I also have sponsor forms available.

John Collins

FOLS 100 Club Draw results


1st £25 54 Anna Drayton

2nd £10 83 Ray & Gwen Budd

3rd £5 31 Mrs Hanbury Bateman


1st £25 5 Mrs Wyatt

2nd £10 58 Julie & Alex Wills

3rd £5 111 Mrs Dodman

Hampshire Artists

Open Studios 2007


Originals, prints and greeting cards

for sale

Landscape, marine, architectural, cartoons in

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Pen and Ink

and mixed media

Come and watch paint dry in a working studio –

Just follow the pink signs

Parking; disabled access via

normal doorway

10am to 5pm

18-20 and 23-27 August

The Orchards, Forton, Longparish

SP11 6NN



Thank you to all the members of the community who came along to support our first Testbourne Arts’ Week. It kicked off with a bang with the “Testbourne Rocks” day on Saturday 7th July - and the sun shone so much we had to go and find the parasols! The afternoon session, with lots of milling around, munching at the BBQ and enjoying music on the stages and outdoor “open mike”, was a really pleasant and relaxing time – with lots more serious rock fans turning up for the evening session. The event – organised by parent Carol Clark and her team – was more than just a social success, raising over £6,000 towards sending a group of our pupils out to Mityana, our twin school in Uganda, in the autumn.

The whole festival week was a joy, with a host of opportunities to experience new opportunities and take part in or enjoy performances of music, dance and drama. It is our first such festival and we have learnt a lot. Planning has already started for our second one next year!


We are pleased with the SATs results we have received so far. Maths achieved 86% Level 5 or more against a target of 83% and Science 88% against a target of 84%. English results will not be published until August.

We piloted a new approach for Testbourne after the SATs this year, with Year 9 pupils moving up to their GCSE classes after half-term. Feedback so far has been very positive indicating that pupils have enjoyed getting a head start on their new courses and appreciated dropping subjects they will not be studying for GCSE. Our new Land Applications group has made a serious impression- having already planned and nearly dug out a new school pond for the Science department.

Our Global Action Group is also having an impact on the environment and has drawn up an action plan for reducing the school’s energy consumption. They too have been raising money for Mityana and as I type are the middle of a 36-hour sponsored “stay awake” in the Community Suite.


We have appointed the following pupils to our “top team”: Head Boy – Jack Poynter, Head Girl – Freya George, Deputy Head Boy – James Dinsdale and Deputy Head Girl – Ellen Blundell. I am sure they will do an excellent job. They have already embarked on a fund-raising venture which could result in myself and other staff ending up in the pool before the end of term. I did say I wanted them to show initiative but I didn’t reckon on that much!


We currently have unfilled vacancies for:

Site Assistant - 37 hours/52weeks,morning/evening shifts and some overtime

Cover Supervisor - 35 hours approx full or part-time to cover lessons for absent teachers

Lunchtime Supervisor - term time only.

Please contact Paul Welch on 01256 892061 or 890214 if you would like more details.

We look forward to bringing you more news next year and wish you a good summer break.

Hilary A Jackson (Headteacher)

Longparish School News

Monday 2nd July-The Hat Fair-Winchester

Last Friday we got on the minibus and drove to the Cathedral grounds in Winchester. First we ate our fruit on park benches then we played in the park. Soon we went in to the parade and we had great fun. Next it

started to rain so we went under a tree to decide what to do. After that we went inside to eat our lunch so that our food didn’t get wet. After a while we packed away our lunch boxes and went outside. By now it was sunny.

Soon after, we watched a show about Laurel and Hardy and another bad man wearing black and white. Then we went to see a clown. He had a mouse called Henrietta who was meant to jump in to a glass of water …. but of course it wouldn’t. He also had a trumpet which had a balloon on the end of it. He even had a suitcase. You’re going to ask why? It was because he pretended it was a dog that was very obedient. He was just kidding really. It was lying down and it was meant to get up… but of course it wouldn’t. I loved his baby voice.

Eventually we went back to the minibus and went home and got ready for home-time then went home.

What a great day.

By Katherine Evans – aged 6 years

Country Matters

You Tarzan, Me-Thane

Methane occurs naturally as the product of waste in-filling decomposing and if the gas is allowed to go into the atmosphere, it is deemed a pollutant. Then somebody had the bright idea of sinking pipes into the waste in fill to recover the gas and use it to power an engine which in turn powers an electricity generator which is connected directly to the national grid. This is exactly what has happened at the Apsley dump. There should be enough gas given off to power this generator for the next five years.

Also locally, a large farming estate is considering converting the whole farm to growing maize. This crop will then in turn be composted over the next twelve months which will produce methane which will be collected and do exactly as above, ie power engines etc. This will remove 2000 acres from the production of food in our locality.

On the Harewood Industrial Estate, a planning application has been put in for an electricity generating plant powered by bio fuels ie rape seed oil or similar. As I am writing this, the only bio fuel plant in the south east of England is based in Kent near Maidstone. Therefore, the fuel to power this new plant will have to come from Kent. There is a similar plant being discussed for Somerset, however, this one is having difficulty in obtaining permission to operate. Another large plant is up and running in Humberside.

If Tesco receives permission to build their large distribution depot at Weyhill, they will be delivering goods to Kent and the south east of England. Two lorry movements from site will take place every minute over a twenty four hour period, seven days a week.

Is this one of life’s modern paradoxes? We have 2000 acres of prime agricultural land taken out of food production, we have a distribution depot probably being sited in the locality taking food over to the south east of England, and bio fuel being brought back to this area to make more electricity? Added to this, using methane for fuel to power engines is good as it helps prevent pollution of the atmosphere; however the atmosphere is now polluted by noise instead! Hey ho, such is this crazy world we live in! Country Bumpkin

Longparish Parish Council

This report covers the July meeting. Minutes of meetings are on the village website www.longparish.org.uk.

New Councillor

The Council welcomed Becky Bourne who was attending her first meeting as a councillor on her 30th birthday. That surely shows devotion over and above the call of duty. There is one further vacancy. If you would like to join the Council please contact the chairman.


The Council

Affordable Housing

The working group has completed the document introducing views on this subject and you will probably have received a copy by the time you read this report. Thanks go to all concerned for all the huge amount of work that has gone into producing this document.

The date for the Open Forum has been set for Saturday 22 September in the Community Hall. TVBC experts on Housing and Planning will attend and there will be lots more information about the topics discussed in the note. There will be more information in next month’s Hill & Valley.


The Council approved the final draft of the new leaflet. If the printing goes according to plan you should find a copy with this edition of Hill & Valley. Thanks go to everyone who helped produce the leaflet, which will be useful to us all, and particularly to Martin Lampard who led this work and to HCC for sharing the cost.

There is no Council meeting in August. The next meeting is on Monday 10th September in the Ellicock Room at the Community Hall. Meetings are public and all parishioners are welcome to come and can speak by invitation. Jeremy Barber Chairman. Tel 720459 email jeremy.barber@longparish.org.uk

Longparish Cricket Club

Sponsored by Barker, Son & Isherwood

June was a washout as far as cricket was concerned and no Hampshire League matches were played. This was disappointing for the players and a strain on the Club’s finances. The Longparish 1st XI beat Bishop’s Waltham away on July 7th, scoring 136 runs before dismissing the home team for 83 runs.

Longparish Colts

Despite the inclement weather during the past weeks, Longparish Colts have managed to play a few games. Training sessions have been few and far between, the boys saving all their energy for match day. The U15s under the captaincy of Matt Jackman continue to impress, beating unbeaten Twyford in fading light away from home, and falling to Southampton Community with a depleted side. Several of the U15s continue to represent Longparish at senior level on a Saturday, and the twenty twenty side on a Tuesday night. Longparish U13s have had a successful few weeks, narrowly losing to a talented Hursley Park side, and thumping Bishops Waltham and Twyford. The U13 side, in reality an U12 side, show great promise for next year, several of the boys play regularly for the under 15 side, and occasionally the senior seconds side. Coaches Justin Jackman, John Young and Mike Wakefield can be proud of the Colts performances in all cricket so far this season.

Chris de Cani

100 Club Draw results

1st £35 no.65 Paul White

2nd £15 no.239 Warren Bonathan

3rd £15 no.151 Keith Paice

St. Nicholas Wives Group

I am writing on behalf of the group to publicise our group and hopefully increase the membership.

There are a number of important issues for St. Nicholas Wives Group to take on board if we are to survive and continue, be it in our original format or with some changes.

Our membership numbers are becoming low; and we need to encourage the younger element i.e. younger mothers and single ladies.

We are inviting you to come to our AGM on Thursday September 27th 2007 at the Village Hall for 7:30pm when the group will elect a new committee.

We would very much like to thank Daphne Bevan who has been not only our Chairperson for the last 15 years but a stalwart member for many more; she has now left the village and will be greatly missed.

We look forward to seeing all who would like to join us at our AGM and maybe after meeting us you would like to become a member and, who knows, you could be a very important one at that! Gwen Thomas

Hampshire Artists Open Studios

Paula Vize

invites you to her

4th Summer Exhibition

at Walnut Tree House, East Aston, SP11 6QQ

18-26th August 10am to 5pm

29th August to 2nd September by appointment

www.paulavize.co.uk ; tel. 720418

Longparish Community Association

Who Ate the Porridge?

The Longparish Players’ Murder Mystery had a twist this year – there was no murder. The mystery was who ate the porridge and the suspects were fairy tale characters. The show played to a packed house of all ages and the audience joined in with a will. Oh no they didn’t! Oh yes they did!

The Three Bears (Paul Costello, James Hulme, surely a future star, and Jeremy Barber) narrated the tale leaving lots of clues. Suspicion fell quickly on Prince Charming (Toby Cooper) and Little Red Riding Hood (Andrea Harris) who were booed and hissed. But it was diverted by Simple Simon (Martin Hulme) who was excellent in slow motion, the Good Fairy (Andrea Hulme) with a wonderful sparkling wand, and Goldilocks (Sandra Jones) who couldn’t find the way to the library. Pinocchio (Andy Smith) was particularly fetching in his red shorts but couldn’t stop scratching his nose (clue!). It turned out that the thief was the Prince, aided and abetted by Pinocchio.

All in all a fun show and the event raised a significant sum for the Playgroup to spend, appropriately, on equipment for rôle play.


The Longparish Second Sunday of the Month handicap running race

It was a lovely sunny morning for the July race, the first for a long time. Winners of the cups for most improved competitors were Sarah Nelson and Jeremy Barber. Well done! The results are in the L2SOTM area of the village website. The next race is on Sunday 12 August starting at 10am at the Cricket Ground. Runners of all standards are welcome. The handicap system means that the slowest have as much chance of winning the cups as the fastest. Hope you can come. There are excellent refreshments afterwards and supporters of all ages are very welcome.

Jeremy Barber

LCA Teddy Bears’ Picnic

New Date

Sunday 2 Sept 3 – 5pm

Let’s hope the weather is better this time!

in Wendy Ellicock’s lovely garden at Longmead House

Bring a bear, your own picnic and a rug
to sit on.

No BBQs, please.

Teddy Bear Competition
with famous judge

Treasure Hunt

Quiet sitting area for people without children

Tickets including a cup of tea for adults and squash for children from

Maggie 720459 or Gina 720128

Cost in advance £1 for adults.

50p for under 16s. Under 4s free

50p extra on the day

Free entry for people dressed as bears

LCA Village Walks

Hampshire County Council in partnership with the Parish Council footpaths committee, led by Martin Lampard, has produced an attractive illustrated leaflet showing selected footpath walks in Longparish. Every household will receive one with this magazine. In the autumn you are invited to try out the walks chosen for the leaflets.

Saturday 15 September - Riverdance - Leave from the church/school car park at 2pm (meet earlier at the Plough for those who like refreshments before a walk) - stop in Cricketers if in need of refreshment on the way (assuming they are open). Wendy Ellicock has generously offered to provide tea at Longmead House.

Sunday 30 September - Firgo - meet at the shop at 2pm (or earlier in the Cricketers for pre-walk refreshment)

Saturday 6 October - Forton Loop - leave from church/school car park at 2pm, ditto re Plough

Saturday 20 October - Harewood Hike and Deadman's Plack - Leave from church/school car park at 9.30am. Bring packed lunch. We hope to be back in time for rehydration.


Longparish Skateboarding session

On 11 July, one of the few lovely evenings this summer, the Kidz Zone members really got into skateboarding.  Graham Inchley an expert who runs skateboarding at The Depot in Andover, went through the basics with the beginners, kept reminding them of the safety implications and gave a couple of demonstrations. Those who got the most out of it continued throughout the evening, One lad had not ‘dropped’ from the top before and kept persisting until he'd got the hang of it, see picture. Two of the girls are hoping to go to Graham’s coaching sessions at the Depot. Apparently the kids thought Graham was very cool, and for his part he's offered to come out again, and commented on how polite and attentive the kids were.

More good things in store for Kidz Zone – watch this space for more details

On 25 July the Club will meet at the Village Hall, as usual, with the added interest of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Youth Options team coming along to set some interesting mind-bending practical puzzles for the members.

Looking forward to 17 October, a trip is planned to Basingstoke to a hectic ‘Teen Night’ at JJs World of Fun which has the largest climbing frame in Hampshire and lots of other activities like a ‘vertical’ slide and very noisy canons.

We’re a year old

Kidz Zone has now been meeting for over a year, since June 2006, and is going strong, offering a great place to meet and lots for the young people of Longparish to do. Onwards and upwards, and remember parental volunteers are just as important to Kidz Zone as its members!

Dates in August

Club will meet through the holiday period with Club nights at the Village Hall on 8th and 22nd August. Visit the Kidz Zone website at www.longparish.org.uk/kidzzone.

LCA tea

The next tea and chat will be at Longmead House the home of Wendy Ellicock, on Wednesday 15th August from 3.00pm until 4.30. Do come along. You are assured of a warm welcome. If you would like a lift call Gloria on 720425




Monday 10th September 2007 at 12 noon


Hurstbourne Priors House

Hurstbourne Priors

By kind permission of Mr & Mrs Charles Cardiff

£17.50 per person to include wine, lunch, tea and biscuits

Please bring table, cloth, cards and markers

Please contact Mrs Rita Twine 01264 720382

Lacey Gates, Longparish, SP11 6PG


The first meeting of the Longparish Gardening Club took place at Yew Cottage on 26th June 2007 and we were thrilled to see so many people. We discussed future ideas for meetings and outings and several people then visited the lovely gardens of Lower Mill by kind permission of Mrs Karen-Marie Dineson.

Meetings will be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month, (excluding August and December) at 7pm.

Over forty people have now signed up as members and we understand there are some people who would still like to join – please get in touch as we welcome anyone who is interested in gardening. The July meeting was a visit to Bere Mill garden on July 24th, by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Rupert Nabarro.

The next meeting will be in Longparish Village Hall on Tuesday 26th September at 7pm, when Andrew McIndoe of Hilliers will give a talk with slides on The Winter Garden, based on the late Jane Sterndale-Bennett’s book. Every one is welcome, but please let us know if you would like to come so we know numbers. The charge will be £3.00 for non-members.

Please check Hill & Valley or the Acre Stores village shop for future news.

Any enquiries or ideas please to

Rosie Lowry 01264 720325 or

Julian Curl 01264 720548