Longparish Fête

Saturday 8th September

from 12 noon to 4 p.m.

in the grounds of Longparish House.

Come early and enjoy something tasty from the

Bar-B-Que, washed down by some refreshment from the Beer Tent.

Bring your dog to win a rosette in the Fun Dog Show, ---- and bring your children to have their faces painted.

Drop by to watch an

Army Free Fall Display team drop in to join us (scheduled for 1p.m. weather permitting) and try to predict where they will land...

Search the many stalls for a bargain: -

Try your luck to win a prize from the well-stocked Bottle Stall.

Have a go at Fly Casting on the lawn, a Hole in One, Pick your Cards or Wellie Wanging.

An archery demonstration by the Scouts and a performance by young gymnasts promise entertainment in the main arena.

The children’s games stall will keep them happy and all will be amused by the antics of the CLOWN throughout the afternoon.

If that sounds all too exhausting then have a nice cup of tea on the lawn beside the river Test before watching the excitement of the DUCK RACE on the Test, and the finale of the GRAND DRAW for which the star prize is £ 250!

Car Parking beside the Fête £2,

FREE ADMISSION for those on foot.

The proceeds from the Fête are shared equally by the Church and the Village Hall.

Can you help?

The success of the Fête depends on the participation of everyone who lives in the village, for the aim is to meet each other and have fun! Please contribute by either volunteering to help on a stall, or by contributing to or making items for a stall. And if you can’t be with us on the day then a contribution to the running costs, as many already make, would be most welcome.

BRIC-Á-BRAC Ornaments, brass or copper items, pictures, porcelain, musical instruments, cameras etc, (but no jumble or electrical items) to Gloria Goodliffe, Meadow View, The Common, Longparish. (Tel. 720425)

BOOKSTALL Books of all descriptions to Michael Lloyd, Tel 720229. Please deliver to his bookstall at Longparish House by 11 a.m. on the day of the Fête.

JIGSAW PUZZLES AND BOXED BOARD GAMES Any old but complete jigsaws or board games that you no longer want can be delivered to the stall on the morning of the Fête before 11 a.m.

CAKE STALL Home made cakes and biscuits to be delivered to the cake stall at Longparish House on the day before 11 a.m..

BOTTLE STALL Bottles, cans, wine, spirits, beer, soft drinks etc or cash donations. Please contact Tom Bremridge at Forton, Tel: 720684 whose team will co-ordinate collection. An early response would be appreciated as all prizes have to be numbered before the day.

PLANTS AND PRODUCE Plants and produce such as jam, marmalade, honey, fruit, cut flowers and vegetables. Please deliver to Wendy Ellicock at the stall on the day by 11 a.m. and if possible advise her before hand of quantity (Tel 720386)

GRAND DRAW Attractive gifts and prizes would be most appreciated. Please deliver to or contact Jan West, Drove Cottage. (Tel: 720289)

GIFTS GALORE If you have any as-new unwanted presents, jewellery, toiletries, CDs or DVDs, stationery etc Cathy Yelf 720790.would be happy to collect

SECOND HAND ROSE High quality, infrequently worn items that are blocking your wardrobe would be most welcome, to be delivered on the day to Stephanie Berwick (Tel 720258) at her stall in the grounds of Longparish House.

TEAS Donations of homemade cakes and biscuits would be welcomed. Please deliver on the day to the Chapel at the east end of Longparish House.


If your attic is bare or you can’t bake a cake and you do not want to write a cheque, then please lend us your muscle power to help set up the stalls between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Friday 7th and/or to knock down after 4 p.m. at the end of the Fête.

Chairman of Fête Committee: Patrick Beresford tel 720421

Affordable Housing
Open Forum

22nd September 2007
in the Community Hall
from 10.30 to 4.30.

You should have received a briefing leaflet at the start of August from a group representing the spectrum of opinions on affordable housing. The group is led by independent facilitator, Jeff Bishop, and supported by the Parish Council.

The group is arranging an Open Forum. Anybody is welcome to call in at any time. You’ll be able to hear different views. There will be:

Following the Open Forum, all the information will be brought together and some form of questionnaire produced. That will ask for views on whether and how to proceed.

If you did not get a copy of the briefing there are more in the shop and there is a copy together with lots more information on the village website in the housing area.


The Parish Council is grateful to everyone who has contributed to this work. The group comprises the following local people:

Corinne Bowman, Chris Dewbury, Christian Dryden, Fiona Gould, Phil Harris, Andrea Hulme, Mike Johnson, Nick Marsden, Jill McHenry, Kerry Meaden, Jonathan Nelson, David Wright.

Please contact anybody on the above group if you wish to know more.

And please be sure to COME ALONG!


Hectic but happy end to school year

We had a hectic but happy end to the school year. We enjoyed an uplifting end-of-year assembly with excellent musical contributions from our now flourishing music department, with all pupils on excellent form and undaunted by having to sit alongside a few buckets and avoid the drips from the leaking roof following the morning’s torrential downpour! The day was tinged with sadness at our farewell lunch when we said goodbye to colleagues who were leaving us, including some long-serving members of staff who were retiring, as I reported last time.

Rumours that the Head and other staff were pushed into the pool as part of the end of term activities were – well I have to admit it – true! Fortunately this was the result not of a mass pupil revolt and breakdown in discipline but rather an abundance of initiative from our new pupil top team who charmingly persuaded us to “volunteer” to raise money for the water tanks for our twin school, Mityana. Strange as it may sound I think a good time was had by all - and it did raise quite a bit for a good cause.

The year ahead

We are now looking forward very positively to the year ahead. There will be a lot of new challenges ahead, more changes in the curriculum to digest and deliver and the bedrock of our successful Ofsted report to build on.

A number of new teachers are joining us in September: Colin Gibson, having already led a very successful department at the Compton School in Oxfordshire, is joining us as Head of Science, Max Cornelius as Head of Maths, Barbara Clivery as Second in English, John Banks as teacher of English (and assisting with Land Applications as he also has an agricultural background) and Christopher Rowe as teacher of Geography. David Jones is changing role in the school and taking over as Head of Modern Languages. We will also be welcoming new pupil support and administrative staff to the team.

As usual there has been quite a lot of work going on on the site during the summer holiday: major repairs to the Sports Hall and Technology Block roofs funded by the County; refurbishment of a part of the Technology accommodation to create a very smart Graphics/ICT Suite; refurbishing and swapping the location of the Maths and Modern Languages Departments to enable us to suite all five Maths rooms together and creating a new Pupil Services and Support Base close to the main office. Other offices, including the Site Office, are being relocated as a result but visitors should still all come to the Main Reception where they will be helped.

One new change for the start of the year is a slightly shorter lunch hour – now 50 minutes and earlier end to the day at 3.15.

Dates for your diary

Hilary A Jackson


St. Nicholas Wives Group

We welcome all, and especially new members, to our AGM on Thursday September 27th 2007 at the Village Hall at 7:30pm when the group will elect a new committee. Gwen Thomas


You are invited to the FOL’s ‘Summer Cocktail Party’

Posh Frocks and Pimms”

In aid of our wonderful school

29th September 2007 - 8 – 11pm, The Community Hall, Longparish,

Lots of delicious Canapes

Cocktail Bar



Do come along in your ‘posh frocks’, and bring all your friends, for what promises to be a fabulous evening.

Tickets £15 each – available from all FOL’s committee members or call Kate Jones for more details – 01256 893612.

We are seriously limited with numbers so get your tickets quick!

Macmillan tea party

Everyone is welcome at an afternoon tea fundraiser to be held at The Gill Nethercott Community Centre (next to the Silk Mill) in Whitchurch on Friday 28th September, from 2.30pm-4.30pm.

The event is part of Macmillan Cancer Support’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. It’s amazing what a cuppa can do to help people living with cancer. Two million people raised their mugs last year and a staggering £6.7 million was raised. Coffee (and tea) events held across the UK help Macmillan to improve the lives of people affected by cancer by providing practical, medical, emotional and financial support.

Please come along and support a really good cause by drinking tea and eating cake. There will also be a few select stalls and a raffle.

For more details call Shelley Gibb on 01256 893844 or email shelley@gibbfamily.co.uk

Lindsay Howie


It is hoped to form a Bourne Valley Wildlife Group. Its purpose would be to:

It would cover the whole valley from Longparish to Oxenwood.

Anyone who is interested in this idea contact Peter Billinghurst or Debbie Miller by email or phone:

Peter at bournewildlife@f2s.com (no spaces), or 01264 736359.

Debbie at debbie.miller@fwag.org.uk, or 01264 736268

Please provide the following information: First name, Surname, Phone number, Email address and any particular areas of interest (e.g. birds, flowers, insects, mammals, “anything”).

If there is sufficient interest, we would plan to hold a meeting later in the year to discuss how to go forward. Meanwhile keep a look out for events on some natural history theme advertised in the Valley’s Parish magazines.

Upton Bat Walk

Friday 7th September, 7.30pm

Meet at the Telephone Box

Come along and learn more about the bats that live in Upton. Try your hand at using your very own bat detector and tune into a bat’s frequency!

Led by Stephanie West the Hampshire Bat Group

Please wear sensible footwear and bring a torch.

A date for your diary

Autumn Amble– Sunday 14th October 10.30am

Join naturalist, Mike Wildish, and a group from the Hampshire Wildlife Trust for an autumn walk in Doles Wood, (Hurstbourne Tarrant)


Monday 10th September 2007 at 12 noon

at Hurstbourne Priors House

£17.50 per person to include wine, lunch, tea and biscuits

Please bring table, cloth, cards and markers

In aid of Andover Young Carers

Please contact Mrs Rita Twine

01264 720382

Country Matters

Oh deer, killing with kindness

Last week a vet friend recounted to me the story of her day. It had started off well enough, with the usual range of cats, dogs, budgies and pet anacondas, then into the surgery came something unexpected. It was a beautiful spotted very young fawn. Immediately her heart sank as she realised the implications of this beautiful baby coming to see the vet.

To start the tale at the beginning, a couple had been out walking when in the long grass they spied a baby deer, apparently abandoned by its mother. In a kindly gesture, full of concern for the youngster’s well being, they picked up Bambi and took it to the nearest animal shelter. When they arrived at the shelter, they discovered there was no place for a young deer; so they agreed to take the deer to the vet. Entering the surgery sealed the fate for the fawn. Because of the current restrictions due to foot and mouth and because the deer is a cloven hoofed animal (those affected by F & M), it had to be put down.

This could all have been avoided if the original well meaning couple had understood animals and the way in which they work. Because the newly born youngster is unsteady on its feet for about the first week of its life, the doe deliberately places her young fawns in high grass or hidden corners of fields where they will be safe from predators whilst they go off to forage. The young animal will lie there quite content to wait for its mother to return which she will. During their time apart, the doe and the fawn keep in touch by calling to each other. Once the baby is steady enough to keep up with its mother, at about a week old, they stay together for about a year.

“Kindness” in the countryside too often leads to a tragedy by disturbing the balance of nature, and in this case, with a little understanding about animals and their habits, this sad ending could have been avoided. Most of the time the rule of thumb is “leave well enough alone” nature has a habit of taking care of its own, it really is the survival of the fittest and this is how it is meant to be. Taking an obviously dying wild animal to the vet is mostly a false kindness. Left to their own devices, whether it is ducks, owls, or hedgehogs, if they are fit enough to survive then they will. It is in this way that nature ensures the strongest animals survive to pass on their genes Being “patched up” to potentially spend their days in what is effectively captivity due to some disability is not helping the animal.. Humans can all too easily upset this delicate balance through their ignorance however well meaning their interference.

Country Bumpkin

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Macmillan Cancer Relief's 'World's Biggest Coffee Morning' is being held on Friday 28th September 2007 from 8.15am to 12.00 noon in the sports hall at Farleigh School, Red Rice, Andover. A superb range of stalls offering a wide selection of original gifts, produce, clothes, jewellery and things for the home. The ideal place to start your Christmas shopping!

Entrance £3.00.

ALL proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Relief so please come along, and bring your friends to support this very worthwhile cause. Sarah de Watteville


Despite the unprecedented rainfall in June and July, the Longparish School playing field was in continuous use during the summer term. Before the school building project it would have been flooded for several weeks and unusable for most of the term. As many of you will know, the playing field was modified by the insertion of a gravel layer sandwiched between two vast geotextile sheets under the topsoil of the entire area of the playing field and by digging a ‘French drain’ parallel to the river.

This was made possible thanks to a grant from Hampshire County Council and an extra £27,000 we raised on top of the £200,000 plus of the building project. This note is simply to say ‘thank you’ again to all those who contributed.

John Ellicock

Something’s stirring at the bottom of the garden. Yes it’s pumpkin time again. We are starting at 4pm to make it easier for parents to bring children. Hot dogs and light refreshments will be available (no charge but donations welcome) to keep hungry people going while the judges do their stuff. All entries are free but please support the raffle (in aid of playgroup) and bring a raffle prize if you can.

There will be prizes for decorated pumpkins, prettiest pumpkin and the most unusual pumpkin as well as the usual prizes for size for all ages. Last year's winners included one of less than two ounces so don't worry if yours is small. For more information please see the pumpkin area of the village website.

Jeremy Barber

LCA Teddy Bears’ Picnic

New Date

Sunday 2 Sept 3 – 5pm

Let’s hope the weather is better this time!

in Wendy Ellicock’s lovely garden at Longmead House

Bring a bear, your own picnic and a rug
to sit on.

No BBQs, please.

Teddy Bear Competition
with famous judge

Treasure Hunt

Quiet sitting area for people without children

Tickets including a cup of tea for adults and squash for children from

Maggie 720459 or Gina 720128

Cost in advance £1 for adults.

50p for under 16s. Under 4s free

50p extra on the day

Free entry for people dressed as bears


The Longparish Second Sunday of the Month handicap running race

The weather for the August race was overcast, warm and humid. Despite this over half of the competitors improved on their previous time. Winners of the cups for most improved competitors were Elizabeth Prince and Trevor Elkins. Well done! The results are in the L2SOTM area of the village website.

Our best wishes go to Jack Ellicock who was unable to marshal as he has broken his ankle.

The next race is on Sunday 9 September starting at 10am at the Cricket Ground. Runners of all standards are welcome. The handicap system means that the slowest have as much chance of winning the cups as the fastest. There are excellent refreshments afterwards and supporters of all ages are very welcome.

LCA Village Walks

The footpaths leaflet went out with the August Hill & Valley and has been much appreciated. Our thanks go to all who helped write it and to the Parish Council and the County Council who shared the cost. If you need an extra copy there are some in the shop and the pubs. You are invited to try out the walks chosen for the leaflets.

Saturday 15 September - Riverdance - Leave from the church/school car park at 2pm (meet earlier at the Plough for those who like refreshments before a walk). Wendy Ellicock has kindly offered to provide tea afterwards at Longmead House.

Sunday 30 September - Firgo - meet at the shop at 2pm (or earlier in the Cricketers for pre-walk refreshment).

Saturday 6 October - Forton Loop - leave from church/school car park at 10am. Please note earlier start time than advertised last month to avoid a clash with the Pumpkin Contest.

Saturday 20 October - Harewood Hike and Deadman's Plack - Leave from church/school car park at 9.30am. Bring packed lunch.

What’s been happening at Kidz Zone?

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Youth Options team visited the Village Hall on 25 July and set simple and effective game challenges. Everyone keenly had a go at solving the practical puzzles, with much hilarity in the process. It was another great evening.

They’re coming back on 19 September with more good things to do Be sure to attend on 19th Sept, as Hampshire & Isle of Wight Youth Options will this time be teaching circus skills. How about attempting walking on stilts, spinning plates, riding the unicycle and juggling (perhaps not at the same time!) to name just a few activities?

Funds raised for Kidz Zone Thanks to Andrea and the team’s hard work, and the generosity of the band who donated back the £30 for equipment hire, the summer gig raised £150 which the LCA is donating to KidzZone for activities, for which we’re grateful.

Thanks too, to so many people who make Kidz Zone happen The Club is a must for Longparish’s youngsters, who look forward to lively Club evenings of games and meeting their friends, and of course new members are welcome - come along and give it try. Thanks to everyone who is involved - whether you fundraise or attend as a helper - the Kidz love it.

Dates in September

Club will meet at the Village Hall on Wednesdays 5th and 19th September between 7:00-9:30 p.m. Visit the Kidz Zone website at www.longparish.org.uk/kidzzone.

Please send Longparish copy for the October & November magazines to Jeremy Barber, 2, Forton . Tel 720459 email jeremy.barber@longparish.org.uk

Fancy a foxtrot? Want to Waltz?

Join the Longparish Ballroom Dancing Classes

resuming after the summer break

on 6 September

Thursday evenings

8 - 9.30pm

in the Community Hall at Longparish School

For details contact Tim Sweet on tel. 720550

Longparish Gardening Club

The next meeting will be in Longparish Village Hall on Tuesday 26th September at 7pm, when Andrew McIndoe of Hilliers will give a talk with slides on The Winter Garden, based on the late Jane Sterndale-Bennett’s book.

Every one is welcome, but please let us know if you would like to come so that we know numbers. The charge will be £3.00 for non-members.

Any enquiries or ideas please to

Rosie Lowry 01264 720325 or

Julian Curl 01264 720548

Longparish Cricket Club

Sponsored by Barker, Son & Isherwood

From the middle of June to the end of july the very wet weather meant that little play was possible for our teams; out of seven HCL Saturday fixtures the First XI played only two and the Seconds three, and indeed the outfield at the ground was more suited to ducks than cricketers! However, August brought sunny, warm (even hot) weather and allowed us to take the field once again when, unfortunately, both sides lost their first contests in the month against local opposition, Amport and Wherwell. Success returned the next week with the Firsts travelling to top of Division 3 Ropley and achieving a comfortable win. An excellent all-round performance was anchored by our wicket keeper and opener, George Kouseff, who carried his bat for an unbeaten 87, and good bowling by Barry Blackmore (4 wickets) and Chris Clarke (3 wickets). The home side were all out in the 38th over, 40 runns short of the target. Back at home, the Seconds had a nail-biting finish to their match against cadnamII, with the winning runs coming in the last over. Best wishes for their remaining two games go to the Seconds, who are handily placed for promotion next year.

July 100 Club Draw results

1st £35 no. 99 Frank Hibberd

2nd £15 no.157 Neil Bonathan

3rd £15 no.204 Ray Smith

Kate Hibberd


Sunday September 15th at 11am


This year our Harvest Festival service will be held on the school field as a combined celebration for the church and school. Unless the weather is inclement and we are forced to go indoors, it should be lovely to sing our thanksgivings to God for all his gifts to us, surrounded by the beautiful countryside, which is part of his glorious creation. Seating will be provided, and we shall stay on after the service for a picnic and games.

Please bring your own picnic. Drinks will be provided. Look out for posters and flyers around the village with more details. Nona Harrison


Scramblers service are designed for young children and held in Longparish Church once a month, usually on the second Monday of the month, at 2.15pm, finishing in time to collect from school.

All young children are welcome along with parents, grandparents, carers etc. and we are now joined by Year R from Longparish School. Do come and join us for bible stories, songs, crafts and refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere.

Monday September 10thLooking after God’s World”

The Ark

The Ark is our group meeting for children from Longparish and Hurstbourne Priors. We meet twice a month during term time, at 9.30am on the 1st and 4th Sundays of the month, at the same time as the service in St Nicholas Church. There is a 9.30am Family Service at Hurstbourne Priors on the second Sunday of the month and at Longparish on the third, so children are provided for on every Sunday.

The September meeting will be on 23rd, and in October on the 7th and 28th, continuing our series on the Lord’s Prayer. We meet in the Playgroup building for songs, games, teaching and craft activities, and finish in the church for refreshments after the church service. Do come and join us.

Half marathon appeal

Philip Cotton, Chris Dewbury and Sarah O’Rorke are running a half marathon at the end of September to raise money for “Neuroblastoma – Arthur Cash’s Fund”. A friend’s son, Arthur, died of this aggressive childhood cancer in December 2005, aged four. The fund set up in his memory is to raise money to finance research into this disease.

If anyone would like to support us in our fundraising please contact us at tel. 01264 720303 or by email ororkens@onetel.net. Thank you.