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Post-Exhibition Update

This report to the Parish Council includes responses from Test Valley Borough Council to several issues raised by villagers during the consultation. It also includes a draft set of principles that the Housing Group believe should be considered by TVBC should a planning application be made in the future.

As a result of the consultation so far, the Housing Group does not believe that a 2-phase development aimed at meeting all the need identified in the Housing Needs Survey, would receive broad community approval. It has therefore agreed to recommend a development limited to a maximum of 12 affordable homes with the minimum number of market houses needed to optimise the community gain (up to a maximum of 6).

Hill and Valley Reports

For an alternative view, read this.

Background Information

The material presented at the exhibition is available to view on screen as a Flash Animation by clicking the link. For printing, there is an 850kB PDF file.

Longparish Parish Plan consultation revealed a clear need within the community for greater access to affordable housing. This confirmed the results of the previous two housing needs surveys and was itself confirmed by the Housing Needs Survey completed 2005. The summary of the survey is available online to read or the entire document is available as a PDF to download (170k). The survey forms and covering letter are available here.

You may read the Minutes of the Housing Group's meetings:

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