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The comprehensive consultation process that resulted in the Parish Plan showed that affordable housing was felt to be one of the major issues concerning people in Longparish. This resulted in one of the key Parish Plan proposals: “Work to achieve village support for some small, mixed housing development to provide affordable accommodation and small houses that might meet the needs of older villagers wishing to move to a smaller more manageable home”. A Housing Group was formed to implement the Proposal. The Group did a lot of research and presented their initial findings to the village at an exhibition held in November 2006. This consultation produced a large number of responses.

Affordable housing is a complex subject and can provoke strong views both in favour and against. The Parish Council appointed Jeff Bishop as an independent facilitator to help with the consultation process in the village. He is working with a group of people representing a wide range of opinions. At the end of July 2007, this group distributed a four page leaflet giving some basic facts and an indication of the range of opinions.The team then held an open forum in the community hall in September 2007. The information presented is available to read online or download as a PDF.

The team designed a questionnaire to provide information about the extent of village support for an affordable housing project. It was issued to every household at the end of May 2008. You can see the results here. The Parish Council considered the matter at its meeting on 14 July 2008. The council noted the report and decided that the results did not give a mandate for further work on a project for affordable housing on the site identified in the report.

You may be interested to see pictures of recent affordable housing projects at Shillingstone in Dorset (almost finished when the parish council visited in Summer 2006) and at Sherfield English (formally opened by the Mayor of Test Valley on 2 November 2007).

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