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L2SOTM - The Longparish Second Sunday of The Month Handicap Race

L2SOTM is an informal three-and-a-bit-mile handicap race held on the second Sunday of each month. Please help us publicize it by putting up a poster.

Race Statistics

The race has been run 161 times and cancelled only 7 times.

On average, there have been 19 runners in each race. They have covered a total of 15,260km (9,482 miles) between them in the 3,052 recorded finishes. The busiest race had 37 runners, most recently on Sunday 10th April 2016.

Last Race

The last race was held on Sunday 13th September. You can see the results here.

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Covid19: Important changes which have enabled us to re-start in a 'new normal' way

Please read these important Covid19 changes to the way we operate.

Covid19 rules.

Next Race

The next race is on Sunday 11th October starting at 9am at the Cricket Club.

Please note that the November race starts at 9am to avoid a clash with the Remembrance Day service.

Please come on foot or by bike if possible. If you have run the race before please bring your number. New runners are very welcome. The handicap system means that the slowest have as much chance of winning the cups as the fastest.

Entry Form

The entry form is available to download as

You can email it to Jeremy or print it out and get it to him by hand or by post (details on the form).

Results and Pictures

Are on their own page.

The Route

Is described and illustrated in its own pages.

Background information

There are lots of runners in Longparish. The L2SOTM handicap race gives all of us a chance for a light hearted race once a month. This is an excellent way to monitor your fitness.

The race starts at 10am on the second Sunday of each month at the Cricket Ground. Thanks very much to the Cricket Club for allowing us to meet there. The course is a bit over three miles (in fact it is almost exactly 5K). The course will not be marshalled and you run at your own risk. Please come on foot; after all you’ll need a warm up.

Your start time will depend on how fast you are. For your first race it will be based on your estimated time. After that your handicap will be based on your most recent result. Slower runners will start first with the fastest last so everyone finishes at about the same time. Full credit is given for running faster, but poor performances are only penalised by at most 30 seconds. This is to prevent an unusually slow run allowing an easy 'most improved' the following month.

When you enter you will be issued with a number which is yours for life. Please remember to bring it with you each time you run the race. There is no entry fee for LCA members. For other people the fee is £1. After the race there will be light refreshments and we welcome donations towards the costs.

Inevitably there is some risk attached to running. All runners must sign a disclaimer acknowledging that they run at their own risk. People under 16 must be accompanied by an adult who will be resonsible for their safety.

It is bit of fun as well as a good way of sharpening your speed. Runners of all abilities are welcome.

The race is loosely based on the Bridges Race which has been using this format successfully for more than 30 years.

Hope you can come.


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