L2SOTM - Longparish 2nd Sunday Of The Month handicap race

L2SOTM Runner Badges

Jim Forrest

Get printable runner badges

If you are a family with multiple L2SOTM runners, you might find it helpful to have your runner badges show your name, so you know whose badge is which.

Enter runner numbers

Enter a comma-separated list of runner numbers (duplicates give multiple copies):

Unnecessarily verbose explanation

This page lets you select which badges to print. Simply enter your runner numbers separated by commas into the text box and hit the Get badges button.

When you print the resulting page, the decorative bits will magically disappear (as will this blurb) and you'll be left with just the badges.

If, for some reason, you want multiple copies of one badge, just put that number into the box however many times you want a copy. Sometimes it's handy having spares in each of your cars, bikes or water bottle carriers.

Hints and tips

  1. By default, many browsers will print a header and footer with the date and the web address and stuff like that: there is usually an option to turn them off.
  2. By default, many browsers won't print background images. If that's the case, you'll end up with a badge that has the number and name over on the right: there is supposed to be a cartoon of two runners on the left. As with the header and footer, most browsers have settings to change that behaviour.
  3. If you accidentally use spaces instead of commas between the numbers, you'll only get the first one.
  4. If you put something in that's not a number, you'll get the number before it, or 0 if the first character is non-numeric.

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