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February 2008 results

Stand-in Gould reporting:

Aargh! Mea maxima culpa. For reasons unknown (electronic warfare trials at Barton Stacey; too many runners finishing at the same time; or something) the watches (yes, we had more than one) only recorded the first 3 or 4 finishing times. This is unfortunate in that we cannot assign updated handicaps for next month to most runners; fortunate, in that the latest rocket to join the field (David Wearn, all the way from the Coach House) was amongst those for whom we had a time, so we can give him a real handicap next time.

If anyone has their actual run time, we'd really appreciate your sending it to us at the usual address. It'll then be added here and your next handicap calculated.

Name Number Handicap Finish Time Run Time Next Handicap
Wendy Beveridge 9 -1.00 34.09 35.09 0.51
Sarah Nelson 23 7.42 34.09 26.27 9.33
David Wearn 49 11.00 34.11 23.11 12.49
Andy Smith 4 8.38 34.36 25.58 10.02
Fiona Jewkes 15 1.23 34.36 33.13 2.47
Rob Biggs 21 10.05 34.41 24.36 11.24
Jacqui Healey 10 9.08      
Elizabeth Prince 11 10.16      
Ian Beveridge 16 7.17      
Wendy Roberts 29 6.21      
John Scott 17 6.21      
Trevor Elkins 25 4.24      
Gloria Goodliffe 44 -6.00      
Nigel Goodliffe 47 -6.00      


The day dawned crisp and bright and the running must have been really enjoyable (not bitter and twisted, standing on the sidelines there, eh, David?)

Again we were able to welcome a new runner: David Wearn, from next door at the Coach House, who raced through the field like a dose of salts (the cultured amongst us might spot therein a reference to Ibsen's 'Enema of the People').

It was impossible to split the two leading ladies, Wendy Beveridge and Sarah Nelson, so a dead head was declared. David Wearn was first man home but, as he was running on an estimated handicap, the Most Improved Man (lucky Emma) was Andy Smith, only a few seconds behind. Indeed, the handicap system seems to be working well - everyone finished within spitting distance of each other (the court case comes up next month).

Thanks to the marshals Jack, Jane, John and Fiona, tea lady Emma, David for the chocolatey, sludgey stuff and cake (unless anyone sues after contracting food poisoning) and a big "thank you" to the Longparish Cricket Club for the venue, without which we'd be dodging the traffic.

The next race is on Sunday 9 March starting at 10am. Be there or be a regular quadrilateral with two sides of the same length subtending an angle of 90 degrees.

The Most Improved

The Most Improved(TM) man was Andy Smith and the Most Improved ladies were the inseparable Wendy Beveridge and Sarah Nelson.

Jack Ellicock presented the trophies.

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