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L2SOTM - The Longparish 2nd Sunday Of The Month (Handicap Race)

March 2008 results - Pictures

Name Number Handicap Finish Time Run Time Next Handicap
Di Leeson 46 -2.00 34.36 36.36 -0.36
Sandra Jones 14 3.22 34.43 31.21 4.39
Elizabeth Prince * 11 8.16 34.45 26.29 9.31
Jacqui Healey 10 9.08 34.51 25.43 10.17
Alice Evans 5 16.25 35.41 19.16 16.44
Andy Smith 4 10:02 35.57 25.55 10.05
Wendy Roberts 29 6.21 36.06 29.45 6.15
Jonathan Evans 40 16.58 36.31 19.33 16.27
Rob Biggs * 21 12.11 36.41 24.30 11.30
Gloria Goodliffe 44 -6.00 36.53 42.53 -6.53
Trevor Elkins 25 4.24 36.57 32.33 3.27
Jeffrey Wiseman * 24 6.24 37.37 31.13 4.47

* Stand-in Gould reporting:

A number of runners started, for various reasons, not at their scheduled times. We therefore calculated their actual run times (and, hence, improvements) from the real time they started. This meant the first one home wasn't necessarily the most improved. Runners affected are marked * and their handicaps reflect their real start times. Next Handicap is based on the actual run time.


We managed to escape the worst of the forecast weather for the duration of the run and were pleased to see 12 runners competing and one trying her leg out after injury (not in the results; you'll have to guess from the photos).

The field finished within 3 minutes of each other, with half coming in ahead of the scratch time.

Thanks go to the marshals Jack, Ian & Wendy, Fiona & David and to the catering staff — Emma and her little helpers. Cake was provided by Di and David brought his Famous Chocolate Sludge Cake® for which the recipe was demanded. Thanks also to the Cricket Club for use of the grounds.

The Most Improved

Emma Smith presented the Most Improved Lady's trophy to Di Leeson and the Men's, jointly, to Andy Smith (again) and Rob Biggs. We were deprived of a head to head at the finish and, as it was so close, we felt it wasn't fair to split them under the circumstances.

More pictures are in the gallery

Well done Di, Andy and Rob.

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