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L2SOTM - The Longparish Second Sunday of The Month Handicap Race

May 2008 results

First   Name Second Name Number Starting handicap Run time with handicap Actual run time New handicap
James Field 20 10:11 34:26 24:15 11:45
Claire Walker-Lloyd 42 7:27 34:58 27:31 8:29
Wendy Roberts 29 6:15 35:05 28:50 7:10
Jeremy Barber 7 10:42 35:32 24:50 11:10
Jacqui Healey 10 10:17 35:34 25:17 10:43
Ian Beveridge 16 7:17 35:59 28:42 7:18
Rob Biggs 21 11:30 36:04 24:34 11:26
Stewart Roberts 6 15:22 36:54 21:32 14:28
Andy Smith 4 10:05 37:09 27:04 8:56
Trevor Elkins 25 3:27 37:36 34:09 1:51
Sandra Jones 14 4:39 38:07 33:28 2:32
Gloria Goodliffe 44 Add 6 mins 38:19 44:19 Add 8 mins
Nigel Goodliffe 47 Add 6 mins 38:19 44:19 Add 8 mins
Wendy Beveridge 9 0:51 39:26 38:35 Add 2 mins
Fiona Jewkes 15 2:47 40:40 37:53 Add 1 mins


It was a wonderful, hot, sunny day with no breeze so it is no wonder we found it hard going. The contrast with last time was incredible. It had no effect on James except to make him run faster and he was the clear winner. We welcomed back Claire who has been keeping fit in the six months since we last saw her and stormed into second place to take the women's cup.Well done.

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that we started off last month's handicaps. This is due to Jeremy's complete inability to understand the workings of the new improved spreadsheet. Next month David's all singing and dancing database will kick in and there will be no more of this sort of problems. Luckily it did not affect the first places. Jack
    presents the trophies to Calaire and James

Thanks very much to Emma, Maggie, David and the Holy Dusters for the making the cakes, (Welshcakes, Drizzlecake, Sludgecake and Flapjack - it almost sounds like a firm of solicitors) to Jack, Maggie and David for marshalling, to David for putting out the signs, to Emma for doing the refreshments and to the Longparish Cricket Club for the venue.

By popular demand, the recipe for David's sludge cake is on the website. Not that he used exactly that recipe this time.

The next race is on Sunday 8 June starting at 10am. Hope you can come. This is a clash with the Winchester 10K so good luck to those who will be running in Winchester.

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