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L2SOTM - The Longparish Second Sunday of The Month Handicap Race

July 2008 results

Race Held on Sunday 13th July 2008

Most Improved Runner Course Record Personal Best Best This Year Off Estimated Time
Position Cat. Name Number Starting
Finish Time Run Time Faster than
Faster than
Last Run
to date
1 M Jeremy Barber 7 10:46 34:39 23:53 01:21 00:57 12:07 15
2 M Andy Smith 4 09:41 35:19 25:38 00:41 01:26 10:22 16
3 F Wendy Beveridge 9 -01:20 35:44 37:04 00:16 02:11 -01:04 19
4 M Rob Biggs 21 11:21 36:29 25:08 -00:29 -00:16 10:52 17
5 M Jeffrey Wiseman 24 05:09 36:39 31:30 -00:39 -00:30 04:39 9


What with the Andover Tri and the New Forest 10 plus a wedding or two and the Conservatives lunch we had a very reduced field. But that gave those of us who came a chance to shine and, after all, you've got to be in it to win it. Jeremy won with his fastest ever time.

Jack presents the trophies to Wendy and Jeremy

Congratulations to our most improved runners: Wendy Beveridge and Jeremy Barber. They were presented with the trophies by Jack Ellicock.

Thanks very much to Jack,Maggie, Doc F and Ben and Katie Evans for officiating, Emma for being refreshments supremo and the Cricket Club for the venue.

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