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L2SOTM - The Longparish Second Sunday of The Month Handicap Race

June 2013

Race Held on Sunday 9th June 2013

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Most Improved Runner Course Record Personal Best Best This Year Off Estimated Time
Position Cat. Name Number Starting
Finish Time Run Time Faster than
Faster than
Last Run
to date
1 M Jim Dundas 109 12:11 34:08 21:57 01:52 03:41 14:03 25
2 M James Masters 153 11:20 34:12 22:52 01:48 03:44 13:08 8
3 J Magnus Strøier 170 -02:00 34:46 36:46 01:14 07:23 -00:46 3
4 M Glynne Evans 132 12:20 35:01 22:41 00:59 00:59 13:19 16
5 F Sonia Whiteman 171 05:04 35:07 30:03 00:53 00:53 05:57 2
6 F Rachel Waite 174 07:41 35:13 27:32 00:47 00:47 08:28 3
7 F Jacqui Healey 10 10:43 35:50 25:07 00:10 00:51 10:53 49
8 F Sheila Evans 131 03:18 35:52 32:34 00:08 00:08 03:26 17
9 J Evie Hillier 178 03:09 36:28 33:19 -00:28 -00:28 02:41 3
10 M John Scott 17 08:48 36:37 27:49 -00:37 00:22 08:18 38
11 M Dave Henery 106 12:48 36:48 24:00 -00:48 -00:48 12:18 31
12 M Jeremy Barber 7 11:00 40:34 29:34 -04:34 -04:34 10:30 53

Race Report

With lots of regulars off at Endure 24 and the Evans family on a big bike ride, there was a select field of thirteen runners for the June race. Despite a forecast of sunshine the weather was cool and overcast which was ideal for fast runs. No fewer than eight runners had their best ever times which is the most personal records on one day. Well done to Jim Dundas, James Masters, Magnus Stroier, Glynne and Sheila Evans, Sonia Whiteman and Rachel Waite.

The winners!Jim Dundas improved by nearly two minutes to become Most Improved Man and Sonia Whitemen improved by nearly a minute to become Most Improved Woman. Magnus Stroier put in a wonderful run. He started six minutes later than his official handicap but still came in 3rd and knocked over seven minutes of his previous time to take the Rising Star trophy.

First over the line was Anna Nelson about a quarter of an hour ahead of the field but since she was on a bicycle there was no trophy for her! Her sister Katie did two laps, also by bike. They are training for the Andover Triathlon as part of the team from Longparish School which is trained by Jacqui, David and Jeremy. We wish them all luck. The Tri Club have just announced that the distances will be longer than last year so they need all the practice they can get.

An unusual personal record goes to Jeremy Barber. He nipped out from Endure 24 after his 4th five mile lap to run the L2SOTM and then rushed back to do his 5th lap thus acheiving his ambition to run a race within a race.

Thanks very much to Maggie and Pauline for marshalling, photography and the flapjack, to Jim for the lovely cake, to David for doing the results whilst still a zombie after Endure 24 and to Jeremy for the signs. Thanks also to the adults who accompanied juniors and thanks, of course, to the Cricket Club for the lovely venue.

The next race is on Sunday 14 July at the usual time of 10am. We hope you can come.

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