L2SOTM January 2022

The Longparish Second Sunday of the Month 5K handicap race held on 9 January 2022
IMG 3118  Kathy was so early that she had already gone through the finish by the time the photographer got the camera out. IMG 3120  Most Improved Man, Adam IMG 3121  Mark and Laura IMG 3122  Most Improved Lady, Laura with Hannah in pursuit
IMG 3123  A lovely smile from Hannah IMG 3124  Dawne surges to the finish IMG 3125  Dave followed by Ian and Steve IMG 3126  Ian followed by Steve and Jim
IMG 3127  Steve followed by Jim and Sandra IMG 3128  Jim followed by Sandra and watch out Sandra - Luke is catching you IMG 3129  Luke surged past so fast he missed being in the picture with Sandra IMG 3130  Rob gives it some wellie. Who will win on the finishing straight?  Dennis or Jo?
IMG 3131  Dennis surged past Jo. IMG 3132  Next home was Nick IMG 3133  Then Wendy IMG 3134  Followed by James who was a late starter
IMG 3135  Most Improved Lady, Laura with the trophy IMG 3136 IMG 3137  Most Improved Man, Adam with the tankard IMG 3138
IMG 3139  Our Most Improved runners IMG 3140  A strong finish from Matalie who was nearly 15 minutes late starting