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How many times have you moaned to your neighbour about what a shame it is that there are no houses in the village that the kids can afford to buy? Or that you never see a policeman in Longparish? Why isn’t there a youth club? Why isn’t the bus service better? Why do we have to go to Andover to see a chiropodist?

Well, we now have an opportunity to do something about the things you think need improving. It’s also a chance to ensure that we don’t lose the things we most appreciate about living in Longparish.

Parish Plans are a new Government-supported initiative aiming to give those living in villages a way of deciding for themselves how they would like their village to develop. See   http://www.countryside.gov.uk/vitalvillages/whatis/parishplans.asp

The Countryside Agency provides the bulk of the funding to enable maximum consultation to take place: the Parish Council provides the rest. The Parish Council is not running the project but they do support it, will need to sign on to the final plan and may well be the means of taking many of the actions forward. What is critical is that as many of us from the village as possible are involved – EVERYONE should have their say.

A group of volunteers have got together to form a Steering Group to help move the process forward

We have developed a constitution that explains how the committee will operate.

We have also developed a high-level process showing the different phases of the project and approximate timescales

If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer to help at any stage please contact Fiona Gould or any other member of the Steering Committee

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