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You may not have heard very much about the Parish Plan recently, but that's because groups have been busy looking for ways to solve the issues that were raised by the consultation process. We are now busy drafting our proposals and would like to get your thoughts and responses before we publish the final plan.


We will be holding an exhibition in the village hall on Saturday 5 th March from 10am – 2pm. Members of the group that have been working on the proposals will be there to discuss them. We want to know if you support the proposals; where you might have concerns, and how we can address these before we publish.


The sorts of issues we will be addressing in the proposals will include:

  • Traffic calming and road safety measures, especially near the village hall, church and school.
  • Improving support services for the elderly, young people and home workers.
  • How we suggest addressing the housing needs in the village
  • How to protect the beautiful and rural nature of Longparish


We are already working with a number of external bodies such as Test Valley Borough Council, whose support we will need if we are to achieve some of our proposals – they are all being very supportive so far. This is largely because the Parish Plan has been so widely discussed in the village and will therefore be representative of the wishes of the majority of the community. Do come along and discuss the proposals and make sure we stay on track!


We also hope to make rough draft copies of the text of the proposals available in the shop. If you can't come to the exhibition, please contact Fiona Gould on 720709 or any other member of the committee and we'd be happy to talk you through the proposals personally.

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