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Planning for a Youth Group

On Saturday 26th November 2005, we hald an event to discuss what the young people were looking for from a youth group and a programme of youth activities.

The results from this event are here. We are interested in the thoughts of any other young people who were unable to attend the event. If you would like to let us have your responses to the various question, please email or ring Fiona on 720709.


We received 170 completed questionnaires on behalf of 420 people - about 60% of our village's population. A summary of the main results is available in the shop and is available to view below.

Questionnaire Analysis

The results of the questionnaire have been analysed by percentage of respondents. You can view them a page at a time online or read them in PDF format by choosing the appropriate link below:

All graphs are based on the answers from all respondents. We did capture many individual comments - these are not included in the analysis online, but if you wish to read them, please contact one of the members of the steering group or let me know directly.


We have held a series of meetings to discuss various topic. For each discussion that we have held, there have been one or more 'observers' taking notes. The observers and the facilitator have tried to summarise the key issues and conclusions from the meeting to be a fair and agreed representation of what was raised. The summaries  of all the sessions are published here.

If you have any comments, please let us know.

Overviewed data

Core issues from exhibitions

Raw Data

3 exhibitions combined data - raw

North Acre Exhibition 20th September 2003

Village Hall Exhibition 7th December 2002

Exhibition at the school 18th July 2003


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