Community Proposals – Progress Update and Action Plan



Progress Summary

Establish a Community Association to provide support to individuals and organisations within Longparish which existing bodies such as the Parish Council may be unable, for various reasons, to provide.

Joined Community Matters and therefore have access to all their resources including information and advice


Discussion between Parish Plan representatives and School Governors and advisors from HCC.

•  Agreed in principle that the Community should have access to the new facilities 35% of the school week plus all other times. Usage policy is being drawn up by Community Hall Management Committee which represents all elements of the community.
•  Providing legal constraints can be overcome, we will explore how the Community Association can facilitate the administration of community use of the hall and also apply for grants on their behalf.


Meeting with HCC advisors

•  There are no legal obstructions to our wishes described above
•  Confirmation that HCC cannot offer grants to the School, but the Community Association would be eligible


Visit organised to Liss Community Association (26 th November) to learn from their experience and share ideas .





Outstanding Actions

By whom?

By when?

Steering group to be set up to draft Constitution and develop proposals for membership, sections, affiliates etc

Fiona with help from Sarah Moss

End December

Agree with School Governors and Community Hall Management Committee, what we will present at the official opening weekend.


In time for 10 th /11 th   December

Draft Constitution to be presented to open meeting

Steering Group


Community Association to be formally established and registered with the Charity Commission





Progress Summary

Establish a Youth Group.

•  Discussion about a youth group at the Parish Council meeting in September supported
•  Youth event organised for Saturday 26 th November to discuss in detail what is wished for by the young people and to engage with potential adult volunteers
•  Phil Harris has opened discussions with the local bus companies to assess their willingness to reroute evening buses from Andover to Whitchurch through Longparish to give the possibility of young people taking part in activities in Whitchurch
•  Initial contact has been made with the person responsible for the new Whitchurch Youth Group – in principle, they would be happy for our youngsters to attend (subject to certain conditions)


Outstanding Actions

By whom?

By when?

Will be decided when we have the output of our youth event and are further advanced with setting up the Community Association

Community Association Steering group












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