1Parish and Town Plans Grant Application Form

This application form should only be used by Town or Parish Councils applying for funds to produce a Town or Parish Plan. Any personal information provided on this form will be used solely to help us process your application and to monitor the project. Personal information will not be disclosed to any person outside the Countryside Agency or to any other organisation without your prior consent. Please refer to the Parish Plans Grant Application Guidance Note and Advice to Applicants before you complete this form. Please write clearly in black ink or type.

1. Tell us about your Town or Parish Council

Name of Town or Parish Council: Longparish Parish Council


Clerk: Paul Jarrett, White Windows, Millway Road, Andover, Hants, SP10 3EU

Tel 01264 323254    Email phjarrett@aol.com

District: Test Valley

County: Hampshire

Name of main contact for this application :   Mrs Fiona Gould

Position in the Town or Parish Council :   Chair, Parish Plan Committee

Address (if different from above) :

Cherry Tree Cottage, Forton, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 6NN

Phone/Fax: 01264 720709

E-mail: fiona.gould@longparish.org.uk

Is the main contact willing to talk to the media or other organisations about this project?   Yes


2. Tell us about your town or parish

Please give a summary description of your town or parish including the names of the main town or settlement/s, the population and existing services. (See note 2)    Longparish is a rural parish, population around 750.   It is literally that, a long parish, comprising the settlements of Longparish Station, Forton, Middleton, The Common, North Acre, East and West Aston plus outlying farms and houses.   We have a shop and post office, two pubs, a church, a school and playgroup and a village hall.  

Does your district council have an adopted Local Plan?    Yes the TVBC have a plan which was adopted around 10 years ago.

If yes....when was it published and when will it be reviewed?:   The TVBC plan was adopted around 10 years ago and is currently under review.   A draft has been published and we and other parishes are at present discussing how best to accommodate Parish Plans within it.

If no.....at what stage of preparation is it?: N/A

Have you carried out any town or parish wide appraisal or survey, or prepared any type of plan in the past five years? Please give details (See note 2).

The Parish Council has prepared a Village Design Statement which was adopted by TVBC earlier this year .

3. Tell us about your plan

How do you propose to carry out the plan ? (see note 3)

Under the direction of a steering group, sponsored by the Parish Council, a series of public meetings will be held to explain and publicise the objectives of a village plan. These and other meetings and focus groups will be used gather information about the issues parishioners consider to be priorities.   Based on this information we will issue a questionnaire to every household to ensure we have the best picture possible of community needs.   The information gathered will form the basis of a draft plan which will propose actions to satisfy as many of these needs as realistic. This will be exposed for further comment from the village before a final plan is prepared and distributed to every household.

Which other community groups and local organisations will you involve in the process, and how ? (see note 3)

The Parish Council, the Test Valley Borough Council, Community Action Hampshire, the school, playgroup, church and local organisations.

When do you hope to start preparing your Town or Parish Plan ?

The group has been formed, a constitution and action plan adopted and the first two public meetings held. There are copies of all documents produced to date on our website www.longparish.org.uk .

When do you anticipate the final plan will be completed ?

Our target is to publish the plan within 18 months.

Have you discussed this plan with your Rural Community Council (RCC) Fieldworker?   Yes

Have your discussed this plan with your Local Association of Parish Councils?  

Yes.   The Test Valley Association of Parish Councils is aware that we are preparing a plan and supportive of this action.   The TVBC planning department has addressed TVAPC on this topic and is actively considering its rural exceptions policy and how best to accommodate the needs demonstrated by parish plans within it.

Name of local Rural Community Council:

Community Action Hampshire

Name and contact number of your RCC fieldworker:

Jo Dixon,

Community Action Hampshire,

Beaconsfield House, Andover Road, WINCHESTER, Hants, SO22 6AT.

4. Tell us about the costs of producing the plan (see note 4)

Item description                                                                                                Cost (ex VAT) (£)                                        VAT if applicable

Public meetings/surveys/consultations                                                        2,200

Consultancy/professional support                                                                500

Data collection and analysis                                                                          1,350 

Production and distribution of final report and action plan                     2,100

Other costs (please specify)

Total cost (£):£6,150

Are you registered for VAT?   Yes


5. Tell us about the grant you are requesting (see note 5)

Source of funding                                                                         Estimated (£)                              Applied for (£)                           Confirmed (£)

Town/Parish Council contribution                                           1,250                                                                                                    1,250

Other contributions (please specify) n/a

Support in kind (please specify)                                              300 (professional help given free by parishioners)

Requested from the Countryside Agency                                                                                  4,600

Total funding (£):6,150

If there is a known shortfall, how do you intend to raise the balance and by when?



6. Other

Do you require an initial payment of 25% of the grant award?   Yes please

Where did you hear about this grant scheme?:

Initially through the Hampshire Association of Parish Councils, then your website.

Has anyone assisted you in developing your plan and/or completing your application e.g. Local Authority Officer, RCC, Consultant?   Yes

•  If yes please give their name and that of their organization :

Jo Dixon of Community Action Hampshire as mentioned above.


I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all the information in this application is true and correct. I hereby apply for grant from the Countryside Agency and unless indicated otherwise above, request an initial payment of 25% of the grant award if the application is approved.



Name: Jeremy Barber

On behalf of: Longparish Parish Council

Parish/Town Council. Position: Chair person

(Chairperson, Vice Chair, Clerk or Treasurer. This must not be the same person as the main contact named in Section 1.)

Contact address (If different to that given in Section ) :

Queen Anne Cottage, 2 Forton, ANDOVER, Hants, SP11 6NU

email jeremy.barber@longparish.org.uk

Phone : 01264 720459




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