Longparish Parish Plan Steering Committee



The Longparish Parish Plan Steering Committee (the committee).


The purpose of the committee will be to act on behalf of the Parish Council and the village community to prepare a Parish Plan for Longparish and to encourage and monitor its implementation .   This will include:

  1. Take responsibility for planning, budgeting and monitoring expenditure on the plan and report back to the Parish Council on these matters.   All receipts and payment will be passed through the Parish Council bank account.  
  2. Identify and obtain sources of funding in addition to the Countryside Agency grant and the Parish Council if necessary.
  3. Liaise with the relevant authorities & organisations to make the development of the plan and the actions deriving from it as effective as possible
  4. Identify ways of involving the community & gather the views & opinions of as many individuals, groups and organisations in the village as possible.
  5. Determine the types of survey and information gathering to be used
  6. Be responsible for the analysis of the survey, interim consultation processes & the production and distribution of the final report
  7. Establish & support working groups to explore specific areas for action and identify options for action
  8. Identify the priorities and timescale for any local action in the action plan including lead organisations and potential sources of funding
  9. Report back to the Parish Council and the community on progress, issues arising and outcomes from the exercise


The committee will include up to 12 members of whom no more than 4 will be members of the Parish Council. Membership of the committee will be confirmed at a public meeting from among volunteers for the role.   The committee may co-opt as necessary.


Initially the committee will elect a chairman and a treasurer. Further officers will be elected as considered appropriate by the committee.


  • The committee intends to meet monthly as a minimum, with additional meetings as necessary.
  • Issues to be discussed at each meeting will be notified in advance by personal communication to committee members and on village notice boards/website.
  • Matters will be determined by a majority of votes from those present, with the chairman having the casting vote if required.
  • Quorum is 5.
  • The secretary (or if there is no secretary or the secretary is absent, a person appointed at the start of each meeting) shall keep a record of meetings and minutes will be circulated to committee members within 14 days of each meeting.


The committee will operate in an environment of maximum openness, with all working documentation being available to any member of the community on request, and with all agreed minutes, proposals and reports being available on the website and village notice boards.

Published survey information will remain unattributable.

Working Groups

  • The committee may appoint working groups as it considers necessary. Each working group must have a nominated chair, who does not have to be a member of the steering committee.
  • The committee will be responsible for deciding the terms of reference of each working group.


  • The committee will agree a procedure by which volunteers may claim back expenditure incurred during the process of producing the plan, and the rates they may claim.
  • The treasurer shall keep a clear record of income and expenditure and report back to the committee and the Parish Council on the state of the committee’s finances.

Changes to the constitution

This constitution may be altered with the consent of two thirds of the committee.

Dissolution of the committee

  • Upon dissolution of the committee, any remaining funds shall revert to the Parish Council to refund donors or disperse as appropriate.
  • All relevant materials gathered and produced during the process shall be handed over to the Parish Council for their records or for archiving.


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