Progress Summary

  • To work to achieve village support for some small, mixed housing development to provide affordable accommodation and small houses that might meet the needs of young people, families and older villagers wishing to move to a smaller more manageable home.
  • To encourage a landowner to provide a site, such a site might include some commercial development.
  • Under the auspices of Test Valley Borough Council Housing department a Housing Needs survey has been undertaken and the results will be available shortly.
  • The draft local plan for the Test Valley Borough area which will establish the planning policy for villages such as Longparish for the next few years is still on track to be published in April 2006. The recently published Inspector's repost acknowledges the need to create a planning environment that facilitates the sustainability of rural communities. However there appears to be differences in approach between TVBC and the Inspector's recommendations as to how best this can be achieved.

Outstanding Actions

By Whom?

By When?

  • To evaluate and publish the results of the Housing Needs Survey as soon as the data is available.
  • To encourage TVBC to include a clear and positive policy in the new local plan that will allow small mixed developments in villages.
  • The Housing group sub committee
  • The Housing group sub committee – working with Steve Lees TVBC
  • Anticipated timing – early 2006.
  • Currently awaiting dates from Steve. Discussions will continue during the period up to the finalisation of the Plan.

Until the results of the Housing Needs Survey and the finalisation of the Local Plan, both of which will influence future direction , we feel it would be inappropriate to develop a more detailed programme which would then involve active village consultation

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