Road Safety Proposals – Progress Update and Action Plan



Progress Summary

Actively support the proposals in the School travel plan including improving the safety of the road between the village hall and school by


•  A pavement joining the village hall car park and school



•  A 20 mph school zone speed limit


•  Install school flashing warning signs.


The School travel plan was approved in the autumn and steps have been made to implement the proposals.



  Hampshire Highways approved the establishment of the pavement and has allocated funding in this financial year. Discussions are underway with landowners on both sides of the road to discuss easements and options.


•  No progress as yet



•  The school zone signs with flashing lights have been installed.  

Work with authorities to improve road safety in other parts of the village by

•  Seeking better enforcement of existing speed limits


•  Seeking extension of the speed limited areas to include Forton to the Middleway and Southside Hill to The Common


•  Explore traffic calming measures




•  No progress as yet


•  A traffic speed survey on the Middleway-Forton road were conducted by Hampshire Highways authorities in autumn 2005 and it was concluded that it was not necessary to extend the 30mph zone here.
•  Other examples of traffic calming (especially road markings) have been looked at in neighbouring villages; more are being sought

Continue to work with local businesses to reduce the problems with large lorries getting lost or driving too fast through the village

Work needs to be done (see below)

Explore the possibility of an all-weather surface for the “spinal footpath” running from North Acre to Middleton, so pedestrians can avoid the road

Initial research has begun by the Parish Council's Footpaths Committee.

Monitor the parking situation near the major facilities of the village- school, church, shop, pubs, sports and recreation areas, beauty spots

Anybody wanting to report a recurring parking problem should contact Catherine Sweet on 720550. If regular problems arise then an active monitoring process will be instigated.


Outstanding Actions

By whom?

By when?

Research potential sources of road safety   leaflets for different categories of road users- eg. Cyclists, walkers, horse riders, as well as companies with lorries

C Sweet and other volunteers

End April

Need to collect names and contact details of businesses involved in regular lorry movement through village.

C Sweet and other volunteers


Publicise contact details (including on website) for people who want to report lorry movements and parking issues as they arise

C Sweet and D Gould

By mid-February

Explore options for monitoring speed through the village, with a view to specific control proposals being made to the appropriate authorities.

C Sweet

By end June

Do further research to scope the potential costs of an all-weather surface for the spinal footpath and also potential funding options.

C Sweet



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